Wednesday, 21 August 2019

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#arfeenkhan #stfaugust2019

A bunch of transformers ❤️

When you witness the moon and the absolute grandeur of a palace #Udaipur

Saturday, 17 August 2019

When you have a adorable son in law ♥️ @rushitjogani I am your masi in law 😍yet you are more like a buddy to me - thank you for enriching my family

Every Thursday morning start with am awesome set of opportunities with my team @bniphoeniix reaching out to thousand more through each entrepreneur who scales up his business through #giversgain policy #bni #connects on #independenceday

With young blood gen 2 entrepreneur handling dads legacy @poulamikarnik #savagebarandkitchen watch her live on #entrepreneurexcel with none other than #geminidhar inspiring young entrepreneur to take a leap of faith @namrata_thakker @tejalchiragbarot @binzzuu @kavita_prateek_mishra