Tuesday, 28 February 2017


Hey, I am Gemini Dhar a take charge expert and author.

Anger is something we all experience. Few are angry every few minutes few stay angry for few minutes
This an emotion which has the power to ignite movements or destroy lives
At times it's destroying our own lives just like a two sided coin
Anger has two faces heads up and tails, we keep flipping the coin as per whims and fancy, justifying the reason every single time we get a chance to explain
We start with pointing fingers.
Our remote control in others hands,
I work with women and children to take charge of their lives and work on power beliefs.
Power is a powerful word, power to control others can be an addiction and will cause loads of frustration and anger.
Power to control your action and reactions to the outside world can be strength beyond imagination. Giving you an edge over others and giving you the power to grow. Taking charge of your anger so that you can use it as a strength.
Anger friend or foe?
Well - if it is used for creating it's powerful and when used for destruction could be fatal to self.
I am working with this wonderful bunch of children who had every reason to be angry with this world and the almighty and their lives are more or less dependent on the environment or people who guide them.
It's was so heartwarming to see them blossom in spite of the trauma and challenges they face.
When children expressed their actions when angry a similar pattern emerged
Couple of them expressed
When angry I hit others,
When angry I bang things,
When angry I abuse,
When angry I sit in a corner and sulk,
When angry I take a bath,
When angry I go to sleep,
When angry my headaches I take pill and sleep,
When angry I feel like stabbing the other person,
When angry I... become quiet, I hide under the blanket!
One amazing  answer I got was,
When I am angry I write stories
When I heard that I felt wow what a way to realise the very volatile emotion,
They are emotions experienced by 8-year-olds to 18-year-olds.
Just a tiny group of children ready to explore the challenges of this world, I felt this deep guilt at the pit of my stomach. We become helpless when we cannot teach our next generation to emote
We teach them all the good things and want them to be the perfect human possible.
I feel venting out emotions is necessary however if that emotion could be focused to create an empowering output it could help prevent many awful circumstances, juvenile crimes and abuse.
Listening to some beautiful souls who have seen some unfortunate incidents in life alarms me.
Fighting for survival is what I understand these small children are focused on
While my kids are protected by a roofed food clothing and many other luxuries I see them in vivid contrast .my maternal feeling going through a roller coaster ride
Children have stories filled with emotion in their eyes,
They taught me anger can also be used to write a story what an amazing way to use your destructive emotion for a constructive purpose.
The next time I am angry I shall draw scribble or just write.
A little boy with no one to go home to living and surviving in an environment nurtured by a father in a home with kids of different temperaments some happy some angry some funny some quiet.
A bouquet of flowers all wanting to shine to the best of their ability
Warriors who have stood tall in their challenges and ready to conquer the world and live their dreams.
All they need is some support good nurturing and appreciation and acceptance.
Anger is just a part of one's life,
A tiny emotion or a monster who destroys you,
You choose to take charge of your anger.
Your first step to
Taking charge of your life
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