Monday, 13 March 2017



When an infant looks into your eyes and holds on to your finger. A million emotions are, exchanged without a word being said. It just overwhelms me, a newborn baby and I rush to see them.

As a child I was asked what I wanted to become, everyone was eagerly waiting to know what I wanted to become when I grew up? A doctor, a scientist, an artist … no my reply was I want to become a mummy. Every person in the room laughed their heart out and I was teased about this for years.

I grew up loving being a female, as we were loved respected and encouraged. Rarely would you find a couple 55 years back who wished to have daughters instead of sons, my mum had prayed that she be blessed with a girl child. Her prayers were answered with my sister and myself being her treasures.

Daughters were loved cherished and nurtured by our family; my sister too gave birth to two wonderful girls Dhwani and Bhoomi and I was floored.  A Fashion designer by then, it was pure joy to design and dress this princess who filled my heart with maternal love.

A few years later it was time for me to guess whom would I give birth to? Would it be a boy or a girl.?  The first three months of my pregnancy I was asked for bed rest and joy turned to worry anxiety and fear. While everyone made guesses at the shape of my belly -boy or girl, it was the most common talk while I was in my last few weeks,
Little did they know that I just needed to know that my baby was safe? I remember finding relief in prayers and my relationship with lord Ganesh grew stronger and stronger and I constantly demanded from him my secret wish. I used to start my prayers with
‘’ dear ganu bappa give me healthy baby girl, you see I am a fashion designer and I design girls clothing I want a daughter I want to dress her to my heart's content. Please give me a baby girl.  I will nurture her protect her and promise you to make a superb human being’’

Every time some one said looks like you will have a baby boy my heart would say oh god please next baby boy this time girl pleeeassseeee.

So time went by and the suspense was built.  Than came march the 12 th and I was still working in my last days of pregnancy. I went for a check up and was told few more days. Again I asked my baby, you better be a girl or I am going to dress you as a girl, an in few hours my bundle of joy decided to arrive into this world.

On the 13 Th of march,   I experience that I have the power to withstand the ordeal of childbirth no complaints to the result it brought when I heard the doctor say it’s a girl I was thrilled. The whole of the hospital heard us scream yeah we got a girl and I was blessed to have a girl.

When I held my daughter Krisha for the first time I thanked my ganu bappa it was a wish come true, my life or lifestyle changed forever, many jumped with joy few gave sad looks of understanding who thought oh girl never mind maybe next will be a son.
It didn’t matter these people have their own perceptions, if she looked dark skinned
she looked like mum .if she looked fair skin she looked like dad, and it went on for years. I never cared what they said all that mattered were those precious times I shared with my girl, bedtime stories, watching Disney movies again and again, celebrating each occasion and holding on to each other in difficult times.
At the age of two and a half, I remember her feeding me with her tiny hands when I was unwell saying “mummy you will be fine soon.”  Her compassion and warmth humbled me with gratitude for having such an awesome daughter. We have been a team from day one. She has been standing by me reflecting ever action of mine. When I authored my book 9 ways to Empower. She helped me proofread, helped me improvise my thoughts. In many ways she is a sibling for me too.  An author at the young age of 13 and writing numerous stories on wattpad (None of which I am allowed to read). Learning the tools of social media from her has been a humbling experience.

I have cherished every moment from her birth till date, dressing her, planning her fancy dress to making costumes for her barbies, each moment etched in my memory. Winning competitions, attending seminars, doing workshops together. Exploring and having adventures together. God has answered my prayers and in such an awesome style. When I am screaming she is quiet and when she is angry I take it quietly, that’s the beauty of having girls in your life.

She was a 3-year-old who hid behind me, every time someone said hello, that day I decided I shall raise a girl who would be strong confident honest and loving.

She trained for self-defense, speech and drama, dance and music, singing and writing, your love for reading and writing just amazes me.

A 50 cm infant growing taller and stronger with each passing day and surpassing me in each field becoming better and better, I have never dreamt that you would stand strong for me, and be my pillar. I see the determination, love and admiration in your eyes.
At 14 you are all of above and much more, I am excited to know what more will I see in coming years. Your teens and my forties.
You have proved to me maturity does not come with age it comes with experience and your perception.

When I had prayed for a daughter, little did I know that daughters are angels, blessings sent straight from heaven.

I am sharing this to make a point to all the men and women who believe daughters are responsibility and a liability till you get them married. Should have a reality check on their thoughts.

I believe that daughters are strength, support, love, understanding, and  many more powerful qualities

Giving birth to a girl is a privilege, being a daughter is a privilege; standing up for daughters is your opportunity to empower this world. Care for them nurture them

Don’t let a few narrow-minded INHUMANS - humans convince you for female genocide.

Each woman is a daughter whose parents gave her the right to be born and cherished.

When we stand up for each other, we protect and create a safe and healthy environment

Krisha I learn from you and you learn from me. While you do projects on women like Avanti.I am doing my bit with Take charge of your life and Take charge 5 x formula.

Together we can and we will support our causes.
Dear Krisha,

Wishing you many more books to author, loads of friends and a healthy and wealthy adventurous future.

Love your teens, life happens only once. live responsibly and to the fullest.
Make a difference to your life and the life of people around you.
Our bond is priceless