Tuesday, 11 April 2017


Son or Sun.

A miracle wrapped in a tiny green fabric arrived into my life on 12 April 2006.
This was my second baby and a boy, a warrior from birth. Incredibly handsome and cute as a sumo. Yes, that were the exact words of the doctor who had witnessed his journey of a baby. 7 doctors had said to abort this baby and this doctor was the only one who saw the fire in my eyes when I went to him for the last opinion. We had given up on him after 7 doctors saying you can’t have this baby as he may not be okay.

Praying for hours and hoping for a miracle to happen. Little did I care about the outcome I just wanted my baby to come into this world, even today if I relive the moment I almost break down.  It was 12 years ago and that moment has made me so humble and grateful towards life when the eighth doctor told me you have only 2 percent more risk of delivering and abnormal baby, why would you want to give up?

This was a life changing moment, hope, prayers, desire and the force with which you need something can make things happen. So post 9 months nurturing and protecting my child I gave birth to this amazing son. Sun to be precise. Every person who saw him shined and beamed with a wow. Just a few months before he was born I was asked boy or girl and I wanted to laugh into their faces. Asking a mother who had prayed for hours to have a risk free healthy baby, it didn’t matter if it was a boy or girl, all she wanted was a healthy baby.

Ever since the responsibility to raise a son has been huge, while the ones who were gender biased rejoiced I thanked my almighty and promised him to raise a good balance human being.

While his skin colour was a talk of the relatives, my focus has been to keep him grounded and humble. Praachit Dhar is a hero in himself a warrior from birth and being normal was such a big task. While raising a daughter all emotions and lessons came from personal experience.

To be a child to a mother who works towards taking charge is a surely not an easy task. Yet my brave son has made me proud with each passing year, standing strong against any challenge at this young age. Showing how compassionate he is and being truthful his promises.

While his family and friend adore and praise him, he remains a kind and humble soul. A sports man by choice, every time he wins a match his goals soar higher and higher.
With Praachit my journey as a mum has been a double-edge sword, always tempted to pamper him and yet at the same time extra careful to imbibe values and respect for women. His bonding with his sister is unique. While many people offering to adopt this adorable bundle of joy he proudly stands by me and says,’Mom I will never leave you’.  At this young age he surely knows his mission. From helping me fix a gadget to showing interest in everything I do. Learning and observing quickly the spectacular details of business. His ideas always awe me. His never give up attitude surely will be his path to his bright future. With an army of friends twice his age and many of his age. he surely is someone in demand.
Telling his nanny to chill and assuring he can handle the situation shows his confidence and brings a smile to our faces just to listen to his bright ideas and plans.
To be a mum to a son who is as bright as the sun is a responsibility I am proud of.
A miracle in our lives.
On your 11 birthday
We wish you love happiness and success in your dreams and visions,
May you grow up to be a well-grounded and valuable human being. May you never limit yourself to others opinion. I would love to be on your spacecraft and travel to the moon as you used to tell me from the age of three.
Sharing adventure, stories and pranks with you is a joy. The care and concern you show us make you our favourite. I know I can count on you to be our hero. Someone who will fly high and take us with you on your adventurous journey.

A big hug and tonnes of love

Wishing you a very very happy birthday rock star.