Monday, 10 July 2017

Celebrating 46 years on planet earth


Add a little extra to ordinary and be extraordinary.

A little extra is what all of us seek, yet not everyone is able to find it.

We complain about what we don’t have or what we have lost, and we hope for more and more…………………….

On my birthday sharing some valuable learning’s

Nidhika this one for you too

At a meet-up of some amazing women, Nidhika Bhal shared her story
God, why me?
Why do I suffer when I have obeyed people all my life and served to my best?
The answer was

Meaning some time we are hurt so that we can heal and feel the pain of others, look out and help others making our journey more valuable.
Such an amazing insight for people who have gone through trauma, deception, loss, or just lost focus to their dreams when life becomes mundane or unbearable.
On birthday I reflect back on the years went by and the lessons learnt, thanking God for what he taught me through experiences and promising my mentor to make the coming year awesome, filled with contribution and personal growth.

Well, I was born 46 years back to an amazing couple, I have seen them work hard, have fun, give all they could to their children, a simple middle-class family with very high values.
Art and craft were in our blood, me and my sister being completely opposite, yet we share a strong bond.  She is beautiful, intelligent and obedient while, I was the lazy one, I got every thing really on a platter, so impossible or I cannot be never a concept I focused on or believed in. I have  big dreams
I learnt many lessons from life, while I fought the trauma of loosing my father at 16, it brought out the qualities of focus and persistence in me.
Nothing deterred me from my path of success; I lost count of the hours I worked, the money I made and the skills I learnt. I had abundance in a true sense.

While I was pushing up each step a time travelling the world on my own, I was under constant pressure to find a life partner. Life was beautiful as is but as the Almighty wanted me to learn more from life,  I married a personality totally opposite of mine. With due respect to my life partner.
A combination of two belief system, a combination of two cultures, we worked with each other and grew ten folds.
While sharing precious years together I had the privilege to bear two awesome children facing many health challenges and complications while pregnancy, this taught me the valuable lesson that prayer and persistence can get you through almost anything.

I learnt that miracles do happen. The rewards were awesome.

God watched me and it was time to learn an even bigger lesson for a bigger cause, as I look back I realise I was living an illusion for many years before the storm blew out every single moment I had collected. it took only two seconds to turn my life upside down.

Sometimes you pay for your partner's deeds, being cheated on is a realisation that can destroy once self-worth, while I was learning and growing the sand below my feet was eroding, and I stood helpless watch everything crumble down my life, my children’s future and my career. Everything happened at the same time.

So after weeks of panic, I decided to pick up my shattered life and start all over again, so life taught me to stand up for my rights, I stood against my very own people, I protected my children from pain and failed to do so cause pain brings a powerful quality of realization in oneself, we focused beyond the present. I uncovered that I was strong and we value the things we once took for granted

I learnt, even more, skills, I learnt the pleasure of contribution, I got the courage to stand the legal battles and as I have always been guided I am gifted an amazing group buddies, heard stories of hope, courage, attitude, contribution, love, adventures, gratitude.

My children found more love than they were ever showered with and I built an extended family. When one door closes a hundred other doors open up. Patience rewards you with unbelievable achievements. When I started working with women I heard great stories, having an accident or falling down or tripping over your own feet and pulling yourself to stand even stronger. No accident, no trauma, no fear could hold them back.

They took charge of their lives.

While I learnt to take responsibility for everything that happened to me, I learnt to create the world and environment around me.

The fashion industry gave me name fame and money, while my current journey gave me the power to take charge of any challenge that came my way and rises beyond the circumstance to create the future ……….

In the journey so far while I lost few people relations I found hundreds more adding value to my life, while I stood strong and grounded. I gained ten folds, and with the power of contribution learnt from my mentor and my association with real great human beings

I truly respect the life I am creating, when I interact with young minds and help them shape their mindsets to go from ordinary to extraordinary and develop strong values.

Discovering my passion to write, loving every moment of my new mission
This indeed is a blessed life in spite of any challenge that came my way or may come my way.

I believe that every birthday I grow stronger, smarter and more blessings come my way.
Being blessed with a little extra with each passing year. This year has brought more than a thousand blessings. Making it really emotional and exciting birthday.

A short message to my dear readers

For every person going through challenges, I would really ask them to take responsibility for your results and stand strong towards your values.
Take charge and take a leap of faith.
Invest in yourself it’s the only investment that will empower you for life