Sunday 21 January 2018

Some memories are so beautiful that they can completely take you down memory lane and make you feel grateful for all the ups and downs you have experienced Time flies and how it’s amatter of few years I know Krisha Dhar you will be a year older in this March probably strangle me for posting this photo Nurturing you and working towards my dreams have been a tough yet empowering journey From a tiny bundle you have grown to be strong witty and compassionate individual with your own set of beliefs When you respect your children’s views you get respect in return .A well balanced teen is every mother’s dream and you are just that Generation gap is nothing if you grow yourself and let them share their ideas and opinions as mature individuals A well read person can be anyone from age 10 to age 100 While we struggle and discuss the future profession she should pursue I admit her dreams and vision are just developing for a brighter world and that makes me proud My mission of empowering just found two more hands to support the causes So I believe that nurturing her is a honour and being a mother is the most empowering and rewarding job I could ever be gifted with For mother’s who worry about their children’s future specially single moms The sky is just a start for your children Empower them with the beliefs of I can Empower yourself first they will follow your footsteps Take charge and see the transformations almost like a domino effect #parenting#moms #nuturing #memories #empoweringwomen #empowering children#growth #world#dreams#vision