Sunday, 17 June 2018

The day I understood the value of having a superhero in my life is when I saw my father give his best to us Pampered daddy’s little girl is what I am even today Because I know he shines like a star in heaven and guides me to do my best The values he’s demonstrated of being a good human being always win over the temporary doubts I have about is life fair to the honest His honesty , simplicity and his creativity was so overpowering and awesome Every father is precious but very few become daddy s who demonstrate and not teach He demonstrated that men should help at home Fathers should cook lovely meals to their kids Father should teach tables to thier kids Fathers should tell stories Fathers should listen with patience for hours to children’s babbling out their hearts Fathers should inspire from action Fathers should equally love and respect and share responsibilities with their mothers and children’s mothers Fathers should show their children how dreams can be achieved When they do all the above and more They become their little girls daddy That’s what DHANSUKHLAL MANILAL PANCHAL was all about A Daddy whom I carry in my heart always and who guides me from heaven even today Every father can become a daddy Your children need you not your money or your success Those who have a bigger heart go out and nurture the children who don’t have their biological parents Alive All the fathers in heaven Keep shining brighter ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Jasmine Kapadia we are blessed to have him as daddy#happyfathersday #daddyslittlegirl #precious #stars #in #heaven