Saturday 8 September 2018

Celebrating 72nd Independence Day with Sumit Khetan.

Hi, I’m Gemini Dhar, an empowerment coach and  ‘Take Charge Expert’, an entrepreneur for 27 years and a fast selling author of 9 ways to empower. It’s my passion to uncover stories of inspiration. I uncover the potential in individuals and share their stories on my YouTube Channel. This is yet another example of unique form of contribution. 

As I firmly believe in “Be the change you wish to see in this world”, I met the great humanitarian and a zealous choreographer, Mr. Sumit Khetan who made a gracious contribution on the 72nd Independence Day of our country through one of the most unique forms of empowerment. On such a day full of patriotic emotions, he expressed the love for our country by gathering his team of underprivileged youth from different states of India. He has not only provided free dance training to these children but also served an opportunity to them to express their talent in front of many professionals. The training is offered to the children under a special Dance Education Program (DEP) which encourages the talent with soaring confidence. This is a year-long training and the children are given a home to stay. He invites international instructors and as a part of the training, he also prepares the students to communicate in English and guides them to present their buoyant personality confidently in public. This helps the students to be absorbed in the bollywood industry and across the globe at ease.

Mr. Khetan modestly pays gratitude to the Shiamak Dawar’s dance training, whence he began his journey with Shiamak, he owes him the glory he could achieve in his life so far. Although he has worked with various celebrities and smelt success at great heights, he feels more content while he works on the talent of the deprived young talent. Through DEP, he is able to expose the youth to enormous opportunities and guide them through achieving milestones in their lives.

A huge patriot himself, his love for the tricolor has made him choose the most celebrated National day. On the event of the 72nd Independence Day he thinks about the jawaans and their sacrifices and makes a creative contribution in the most humble way he can. He took this opportunity to return to the society with the help of his team as a tribute to our jawaans and every person who has brought India pride and recognition. His ever-enthusiastic DEP team faced many challenges during the shoot at Aksa Beach, Mumbai. In spite of many retakes as well as the delay in the shoot due to high-tide, the team delivered a breath-taking performance under his guidance. This event was witnessed and supported by a few celebrities such as Mrs. Asia woman of the Universe 2018 - Mrs. Naavnidhi K. Wadhwa, an Indian music composer, producer, arranger and singer – Meghdeep Bose, Playback singer – Brijesh Shandilya, Television and film actor 

With such astonishing gesture put forth by Mr. Sumit Khetan, we are much ensured of the transformation of future of India. We need more of such people like him coming forward to welcome the youth to bring our country a better and brighter future.
Sharing a beautiful conversation with me Sumit Khetan himself… 
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