Monday, 10 September 2018

Meghdeep Bose bollywood s Favorite music producer shares his passion for contribution with sumit khetan s DEP

Hi, This is Gemini Dhar, a “Take Charge Expert”, an Author of fast selling book 9 ways to empower and I Empower women and children with a mindset of I CAN. I have been an entrepreneur for 27 years and As You Tuber, I share stories that inspire my audience and subscribers.

Meghdeep Bose who is a brilliant music composer, producer, arranger, and singer. His remarkable presence at the Aksa Beach on the 72nd Independence Day made a huge difference to Sumit Khetan’s dance troop. Mr. Khetan, a choreographer and a humanitarian, had gathered his special team of underprivileged students from all over the country. This team had been trained under the Dance Education Program (DEP). The bighearted man, Sumit Khetan provided a yearlong training to these children with the help of international dance instructors. He also helped the children with a free stay throughout the training and also offered a course on English speaking just to ensure that these kids are well groomed and are ready in all ways of performance in Bollywood and other places. Mr. Khetan chose this Independence Day to express his patriotism through dance performed by these children.

Meghdeep Bose is an amazingly talented artist and he supported these children as he could relate well to them. He didn’t have a godfather in his life to bring him to this level and that’s why he could place himself in the shoes of these underprivileged yet such talented children. As a person, he is very emotionally involved in his work but says that commercial success of the songs has never been his agenda, and he only wants to focus on making every song different from his previous ones. He has given the industry very beautiful and popular songs like “Swag Se Swagat’ (Tiger Zinda Hai, 2017), “Bol Do Na Zara” (Azhar, 2016), “Jab Tak” (M.S. Dhoni, 2016) and many more. His recent work includes Bharat, Student Of The Year 2, Eela and a lot more.

The super talented music producer has been honored with Music Composer of the year award by the Indian Recording Arts Academy (IRAA) awards. He also won awards for “Noor” song “Uff Ye Noor” and non-film album “Tagore For Today” song “Tomar Holo Shuru”. These awards were a result of his true dedication and deep love of music. He wouldn’t even take an off on special days like birthday, Durgapooja or Diwali. As he has grown up watching big talents in this industry working hard and so he also immersed himself into his work with great passion.

During my interview with him, he thoughtfully mentioned that what needs to be applied in life is not just talent but also wisdom where to work and how much to work. When I asked him about his opinion on failure and how to face it, he said amidst all failures is a success. He said we must have faith. From his personal experience, he conveyed that when you know what the right thing is, then believe in yourself. You can’t be anyone else.

Throughout my talk with him, I could easily connect with him as we have this beautiful thing in common. I, as a, "Take Charge Expert” have worked with many women and children and helped them build their self-belief. I also inspire them by assuring them of the power belief of “I can”. At the same time, Mr. Bose also thinks on the similar wavelength.

The event was conceptualized and organized by bubble communication- marketing Communication Company by Aarti Notiyal - a former Producer and Journalist and Award Winning Marketing professional. Bubble resonates with the thoughts and emotions of all celebrities as above and organizes events with kids on an annual basis as part of its CSR initiative. 

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