Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Navnidhi Wadhwa Mrs Asia Women of Universe 2018 shares her pride for Sumit Khetan's DEP

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I was invited to an event organized by the renowned choreographer, Sumit Khetan at Aksa Beach on the occasion of the 72ndIndependence Day where he expressed his gratitude to the nation through the art form – dance. His team members who were trained under a special Dance Education Program (DEP) were a bunch of highly ambitious and talented children from different states of India. These were the underprivileged youth, who under the generous guidance of Sumit Khetan could perform a dance in various specialized forms. While being trained Mr. Khetan had also provided a home for them to stay in and had given them an opportunity to work with celebrities and getting dance training from international trainers. They were also taught to speak the global language, English in its basic form so that they could be a part of the larger world in Bollywood and elsewhere. This humble choreographer and a humanitarian chose to pay tribute to the jawans on this special day through the dance performance. A few celebrities came to support his mission and one of them who made a significant difference to the cause was Navnidhi Wadhwa.

Navnidhi Wadhwa is an optimistic and vibrant life-coach. She was crowned Mrs. Asia Women of Universe, 2018 and has multiple talents and achievements which include an award as a spiritual life coach, a spiritual diva in holistic healing and wellness coach. She also won the prestigious Navratna award for graphologist. She truly believes that it’s a great feeling when we make a difference in someone’s life through our good work. She also believes in living the moment and adding happiness in the lives of people around. In her opinion, living in awareness is more important than being judgmental.
The one common thing between us is the idea of making the children’s life more secured and beautiful by helping them with self-belief and encouraging them to uncover their self-potential. While speaking during the event, she said that she connects children and plants together. They are equally important to her as planting trees makes the planet beautiful and nurturing children makes the world beautiful. With this thought on her mind, she was honored and privileged to be at the site of the shoot with Sumit Khetan. She congratulates him for performing for a noble cause.
As a spiritual healer and also a Vastu Consultant, Navnidhi says she believes that meditation is not only closing eyes and sitting at one place but being creative and that’s why the form of art such as dance is meditation. During the dance, you tend to let go of many blockages and this leads to a prosperous life which can be lived without any bandage. She tells the youth of India to free themselves from beliefs of others and to be more open-minded.
This beautiful lady thinks that true beauty is when we have humanity and we accept the people around us with an open heart and accept them the way they are. Counting blessings rather than worries is a better way of living. She also advises that we should learn from our mistakes, be focused and strive for one’s betterment. She has expressed her concerns of insecurity of women and an increasing number of rapes. She also wants to prove the people wrong who think that word beauty and spirituality doesn’t go together. She wants to help the society in a much bigger way.
Let’s hear it from the stunning Mrs. Asia Women of Universe herself on her reasons of being a part of the shoot and a chief guest too…
Watch the beautiful lady share her views in our interview 


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