Sunday 9 September 2018

We Are Humans First

Hi, this is Gemini Dhar, A Take Charge Expert and Author. Today I'm writing about a topic that is really close to my heart I've had the pleasure of knowing many wonderful souls and they are today, entitled, to enjoy their lives, with freedom and joy.

How much ever difficult you feel something is, how much ever impossible something that you can visualize something that is completely bizarre and not practical and full of challenges and something which really really is a big big big roadblock in your life can be effortlessly overcome with persistence and being at it. Of course you need to put in the hard work, you need to put in the hours, you need to put in the knowledge, you need to put in the skills, you need to get support, you need to create a movement where you want a decision which is contradictory to the thought process of normal human beings. I’m saying normal human beings is because I feel each person has the potential to become extraordinary and live an extraordinary life being in an ordinary circumstance but creating an extraordinary outcome is what I really want people to work on and that is what I have done in my life. 

I am really happy to share the joy of hearing the new judgment by the Supreme Court. The LGBTQ community, I would not call them somebody different; I would call them humans with a different choice. They made a different choice, they choose their gender, they decide who they want to be, and they decide who is going to be their life partner. So they have the power to decide within them. However the society does not like anything which is different, unusual, which does not fit into their category or something which they have never been exposed to is new, like you try a new phone you are really thinking is it going to be good, will I get the same comfort as my earlier phone, will this phone be made from this and that, There are millions of doubts that we have when we start something new or take in a new concept. Also, the things that we don’t know are alien to us. Like anybody coming from space to our planet is an alien and we treat them different, we would like to research on him, we would like to not accept him immediately, because we want to first check out whether it's going to be dangerous to us or will it bring in something which we are not used to or something we don’t necessarily enjoy/like. 

This is exactly the mindset which each person goes through when he comes across something which he does not like or does not know or does not want to share with the world, so we keep in so many secrets in our hearts just for the fear of judgment we don’t want to show a face that has no makeup because we will be judged by the by the way   our skin looks, we would not want to wear a particular kind of outfit in front of our parents, so and so. We even have boundaries across the globe for allowing different culture to come into our land. At times, we go on vacation and try out new looks and new things so that people around us are not directly aware of what we do, it gives a feeling of immense satisfaction and freedom. 

Due to social media, life has become very transparent, and at the same time...a bit fake. however, it depends on us, how we are going to Take Charge of Our Own Lives so this huge huge, huge mind transforming judgement about 377 is the beginning of a massive change in Indian judicial system and will break through the taboos created around the LGBTQ community. This brings a sigh of relief to many of my friends and acquaintance who had to unfortunately keep themselves undercover for the fear of society and now, they shall have the courage to choose and declare to the society whoever they wish to be known as finally Indian Law accepts them the way they are and this is something every human being should be allowed just because I’m cisgender or heterosexual, it does not give me the authorities to judge your growth success and happiness based on your orientation or gender. In the first chapter of my book, 9 ways to empower, I strongly say that men and women are not equal,and before you start throwing bricks at me, you need to read the story of Honey Lulla and see how I percieve difference.
and believe to understand my perception you need to read about Honey Lulla and many other women whose stories will change the perception of the way you look at life. Why changing your perception is important because your belief in yourself and being able to express your inner fears need to be expressed the moment you accept yourself you will admire and create your own self-worth which is the core of valuing yourself giving you confidence at times. 

A criminal may have more conviction in what he is doing and someone compared to someone who does humanitarian work yet does not have the confidence to reach out to thousands of more people. I believe the moment you stand up and speak up and stand strong for the things you believe in you will be the medium of transformation for many others, therefore, the dismissal of section 377 has been a landmark judgment which will help thousands of people to live a better life. This is a result of years and years of struggle so much of stigma and pain have been suffering

I have had the pleasure of knowing Vicky Shinde who has lived through many horrifying incidents but she did not give up. In fact, she put in her best to fight against the stigma and stand up for her rights. Vicky has been a wonderful strong human being who has been part of this moment for many years whichever gender we choose to be or to love, it is more important to see that we do not create a roadblock in any other human beings lives, an empowered human will always support people in need and find ways to contribute towards their happiness. And we should continue to support and help bring progress into the lives of the LGBTQ community, because no matter who does it, or who it is for, love is love . The most incredible feeling is to love and to be loved.