Friday, 4 January 2019

"No New Year Resolutions"

What is it that gives you the kick to start a new year with a bang? Fancy talks or inspiring
videos? Or is it a bunch of friends or an international destination that ushers in the new year for

While the new year's resolutions is a big deal for everyone across the globe yet for almost each
one of us, it’s a promise to ourselves that last only a few days or few weeks into the year. We get
into the spirit of making goals and plans for a brighter, livelier and prosperous year.

So what’s your this new year's temporary resolution?
If you have made and broken many new year resolutions you will know what I am what I mean with the word "temporary". When making this new year's resolution, keep this in mind:

New is new until something new comes your way. We all love our earlier pair of shoes unless we
buy the new ones or are gifted with new ones. Everything that is new fizzles out after some hours
or days in the same style, life moves ahead, with or without your achieving your goals and
dreams. Be aware and conscious of how your new year's resolution will help transform your
entire life and not only a few days.

2018 got over and 2019 started. Many of us will grow a year older and life will be the exact same
as 2018. It was the exact same for me year by year until I took a drastic step in evaluating what
my life was working toward. 8 years ago, I did not care to set targets or that I took steps to
achieve more. What was it that held me back? Saturation from all the work I did? Lethargy? My
physical inertia? Or my mental one?

Well, with what I do today and the way I coach people into taking action,
I look back and know that my physical condition was a result of my mental condition. My
emotions at the time triggered my mental state. Hardly a few picks from the population know
that mental conditions can be improved with physical activity and polished emotional cleanses.

You may ask what’s that got to do with resolutions? Resolutions are just a decision, a promise,
we make or goals we set to get or achieve more success, growth or happiness. And yes, I do
agree to it.

I have mentored many professionals into building a go-getter attitude and keeping that drive
alive year after year to have exponential fulfilled lives, not in terms of money or relationships or
education but an overall various aspect of their personal life that was holding back their professional success. I have helped with their beliefs, their minds to grow along with their

Every failure, big or small, builds a belief of "I am not enough" or "I can't put in my best" and that
is beginning of a belief that is so damaging you won’t believe how it can completely ruin your

Mahesh and Aarti were two such individuals who partied hard, worked hard, and would reach
their peak of performances during the year. However, they would lose interest in the middle of a
job, perform a half-passable job and leave it at that.

They had an ad agency who made stunningly innovative ads, making huge profits and to
compare with it, huge losses. This repeated every single year.
Year after year they made good money but being irregular and getting bored or burnt out of ideas
made their company suffer setbacks. They lost good staff and were constantly challenged to find
new ones. They failed to realize why this happened.

So a friend of mine referred them to me. They wanted to 5x their growth and were seeking
consultation into mentoring them towards their goal this year. I found a few loops in their plan
and was promised they'd be corrected and then I proceeded onto streamlining their goals into a
plan for the year.

Finally, when I asked them to write their beliefs about themselves, they had an incredulous smile
showing that I must've been kidding or that the statement of mine was not to be taken seriously.
Years in the ad business and they thought that nothing possibly mental could be affecting their
work. They had many glamorous titles added on as their career advanced and they wore them
like a badge, the list of honorary titles seemed endless:

Creative geniuses

Risk Takers

Free birds

Rich and famous


So I asked them to be honest, honest to themselves, for once. I said if you can tell me those five
things you believe about yourself and want to change could give you continuous growth for you

and your business.

Rapport building with me for a while leading them to confess what they truly felt was causing
their loss of creative streaks as well as the relationship with businesses, things not going as per
their liking causes them to stop working with interest towards the topic and feel unmotivated and
unhappy. It was their belief that the world was not fair and too much was expected from them.
Vendors did not deliver and that made them mad, making them lose more and more interest.

These two did not realize how badly they needed to Take Charge. In adversity, is the time that
empowering beliefs to be held tighter than ever. And when in chaos, it is common and trusted
knowledge, that a third person who could guide you through your bad patches or weaker
moments is needed the most.

We worked as a team and those few patterns were replaced with some cool strategies and my
experience of 27 years as a fashion entrepreneur worked as a powerful tool to prove to them it’s
possible to unmask your potential and 5x their growth.

If you become a person who has no new year resolutions yet have a Take Charge 5x formula
with strategies and tools for a more successful you, believe me, when I say, 2019 will be that year
which will prove to be pivotal in changing the direction of your life.

May 2019 bring you good health, enormous wealth and prosperity.

Stay Empowered
Gemini Dhar
Take Charge Expert & Author

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