Monday 11 March 2019

Turning point .

On a Wednesday morning  5 years from now I saw an ad on #Facebook about becoming a millionaire and I said to myself I already am one!
Then I wondered what it was let me check
The more I read about it the more curious I got
Finally, I called my bestie and we both decided to attend this preview it was called secret millionaire blueprint

It’s was a two-day event and I had never attended a seminar , after I left college nor did any developmental programs ever
So when I reached the venue and saw a big crowd waiting I felt as if I was going to a witness a show or a concert

The first time I saw him he was instructing his team and checking mike set ups etc.
We were waiting out when I saw Hrithik Roshan’s Mother and she was too waiting outside for the event to begin

We were second in the row and it was chilling cold inside fortunately we had formal jackets and I looked at the stage with Blank expression. hoping it would be worth waking up early and coming all the way

I was going through a phase where I had time in hand to work and give my best yet my business was on saturation mode or auto mode, and today was indeed a little different from my mundane life.
Once every one rushed into the room there was loud music and a highly energetic girl on stage spoke about and introduced him

He came on stage and took me by surprise with his energy and his understanding of human  nature. I was unaware of the fact that he was a celebrity coach and internationally well known .
Minute by minute I got soaked into his ideology or you can say his belief system.

I had never asked myself so many questions about myself and he kept on sharing one golden key after another that shifted something inside my head and I was completely in sync with what he was sharing.
Time flew hours and hours passed and I could not believe I sat there for hours listening learning absorbing almost like a small kid watching a sci-fi movie

Being a fashion designer my creative energy was ignited and my ideas were overflowing with bigger dreams and goals and the possibilities of me becoming something more than who I was that too at a point when life was saturated yet incomplete in many ways.

At the end of the day, I did my first closed eye process and I could see my mother and things I feared that would happen to her
Fear of losing her - a strong girl who never showed emotions in public had tears rolling down her face and I almost could feel the shift in my mindset
When I went home I was mentally so much in sync with my dreams and so many emotions which I guess were dead somewhere in day to day life
A new perception of what I already took for granted or did not value.

A person who hates to get up early was dressed and ready to leave for the second day leaving her children home first time ever without feeling  guilty and excited to explore day two
The early morning being on the second row In freezing cold room I was super excited to see the room jam packed and I was seeing Hrithik Roshan’s Mother attend the day two also
When he spoke about the six tanks it was like the fog cleared and I could understand what he was saying crystal clear
I was on the path of discovering my journey and he made it, even more, easier to understand what was happening in my life and how I was responsible for every bit of what I got and did not get
Some truths are bitter yet they are great to cure misconceptions
And then came lunchtime while I registered for all the programs available I was super excited for myself. I met lawyer’s doctor’s artist agent’s businessmen and many other professionals - it felt great to be among so many progressive people.

I had a dream to meet Hrithik Roshan and little did I know it would materialize post lunch suddenly he walked in as if it was his home
The crowd went crazy and I was just a few meters away almost as if on autopilot mode I walked up to Hrithik and shook hands and it made no sense how it happened and it just happened
I even had a difference of opinion when he said women with short hair ...... to which I had many women speak up along with me and looking back I smile at those  memories as I have come a long way from then to now, only to realize how I have transformed and he has such a major role to play in my life, at that moment I did not know that I am embarking on a journey of self-discovery and building a completely new life .

Life has never been so beautiful and among my many storms of life his principle of taking responsibility for what happens to you and having the courage to stand strong and have great values or adding value to lives of others has been priceless.
Learning under such an amazing mentor has transformed a strong headed Business lady into a lady that is still strong headed with contribution added to almost every gesture
And becoming the change I wish to see in this world
Taking charge, being bold enough to write her story and being sensible enough to not blame anyone for the ups and downs of life

Living life on my terms and fighting for what I strongly believe in ,while I soar higher and higher my journey is now close to 5 years with almost every strategy learnt and every program attended, the learning is what has kept me going and his unspoken support and straight approach to showing the light on a darkened road remains his superpower and the guiding to star us, including my children ,

Mr Arfeen khan has been a great source of reality check in my life and the person who inspired me to become the best version of who I can be not by mere words ,yet with some powerful systems that rewired my beliefs and habits, and today I am truly grateful for applying them to my clients who are vice presidents of companies, business women, mothers, home makers , and students.   Whether I coach a woman to take charge of her emotions or challenges , or help a business professional overcome failure, or mentor a tenth grade student to perform at his best. Your inner wiring needs to be mended and he has given me just the perfect tools to do so.

On my path of empowering women and children working towards my dreams and mission and vision, my journey continues with each passing day I not only experience true satisfaction of being able to maintain my lifestyle and being a single mother, there cannot be a more  rewarding profession than coaching as my children benefit from my transformation from an angry and stress out mom to a more balanced and cool mom. 

To impact the lives of hundreds of women and reach out to thousands through my digital medium, every passing day brings in more value to my life.

A hard core guju business lady who took a decision 5 years back to learn from one of world best coaches and follow in his footsteps to build a fortune in terms of financial freedom which I am so passionate about  and leaving behind a legacy.
 The joy of being ……
An author
A youtber
A podcaster
A empowerment coach
A keynote speaker
An entrepreneur

And much more in past 5 years my life with Arfeen has indeed been a turning point.

Above all the peaceful sleep and the support of hundreds of amazing coaches and change makers ,the  pride that I see in my mothers eyes and last but not the least , the physical and emotional transformation that I have had cannot be summed up into a price or an amount.
My journey continues…………………

With a vision to empower women and children with an attitude of I can and help them 5x their growth with my program Take Charge5x Formula
2019 started with a bang not because I was lucky, Its been awesome as I step by step applied every system I learnt with my mentor to transform my life as well the lives of my clients
so while I walk my talk I dream  of a even bigger and brighter future .

Gemini Dhar
Take Charge Expert  and Author