Sunday 11 August 2019

#entrepreneurexcel About human connections We learn so many ideas and strategies of growth We apply them to our Buisness and life And there comes a time when you are all alone struggling with you problems and yourself There comes a time when no one understand s you and you more or less start doubting your self am I right , am I good enough Do I really need to continue ...... Self doubt , procrastination, worry , anxiety , fear , depression , and at times destructive thoughts One simple way to rise above all this is to build a circle of excellence and invest in your growth No matter what challenges you face Emotional or physical The antidote is the kind of environment you create by TAKING CHARGE No one is perfect yet each one has their uniqueness and that’s what fills the gaps Your path may be a bumpy ride , when you have such wonderful people supporting it changes every bumpy ride into an adventure Just at a drop of a message I had dozens of people support me Naming a few if I forget a name don’t be offended you still in my heart Kavita , devisha ,bina , ram , Aishwarya,Neelu,Tejal, praachit,Sachin (being there inspite of having fever )Ruchi (all the way from Ahmedbad) disha dave , and all other krisha without your tech support this was not possible Special thanks to Reeta shah Who was in another city but she sent me here team to support ๐Ÿค— And our aarzoo shah too who came and supported inspite of her own event being live near by