Thursday, 2 January 2020

"2020 How Taking Charge Can Change Your Beliefs"

Welcome to yet another year in your life, whether this year you decide to change something in your life or enhance what you already have, it's something tou can take charge for sure.

If life is so simple, why do we find it so unbearable at times, and why do we hear such horrific stories of suicide, rape and abuse?

Ideally, we all have a fixed set of biological needs, strengths and weaknesses. Then, why is it that a paraplegic goes out of their limitations and win gold medals across the globe for swimming and a normal healthy individual f  develops ear of water. while  a Blind girls dreams of climbing Mount Everest and some of us have a fear of heights.

We are all born with similar traits and capabilities. If you agree with that, it's natural you agree to saying situational factors, which is the environment, impacts our beliefs. This belief shapes our thoughts and capabilities.

The first time someone you know, whether it be your friend, your child or another family member, ventures into their passion, it is we who get concerned and respond with positive or negative conditioning, consciously or unconsciously.

You are already 24 hours into the new year, what have you done differently to get better results in any area of your life?

One friend called me and said, "You didn't drink? or dance? You...stayed home? How boring". One complained about a hangover and the other said she grabbed a fluffy blanket and slept, so she could wake up early and start her new year resolution, doing yoga to get fit.

For some, it was a memorable year-end, a great beginning of 2020 with bright eyes and smiles, and for some, a tough year left behind in the hope of a better future. 

So, will anything change?

Well, counting on luck for change is like waiting on a miracle. The simple fact or tip on how to change something you want to change in 2020 go do it yourself. It's accepting that unless the main pivot at which momentum is created and at what force are you applying yourself.

Last year, I worked with Meghna, helping her change just one area of her life. She had this belief that she could not express her views in front of people and thus, she believed that she was the reason to be why she didn't get enough orders for her product. This stopped her from approaching new clients and she could deliver only a few lines with clarity on her product, a fair idea, but basically, lacking detail.

No amount of advice or strategy would work unless she empowered herself, changing the way she thought and her perception, her belief. She had no lack of clientele, in spite of being talented, she felt something was still wrong with her product because she failed on closing business deals, leaving her even lower on happiness and confidence.

Entrepreneurs who have challenges with their business often blame themselves for low quality or low response, leads to lack of confidence, anxiety, performance issues and self-doubt. Taking advice is good, and arguably, necessary. But if not implemented, it's words, falling upon deaf years. Business plans and mindsets work best when you think with an attitude of "I Can".

Weeding out actions, beliefs, thoughts that hold you back, leaves more space to plant beliefs of growth and love.

Meghna found her power beliefs only after she weeded out the ones that held her back.
Now, she stands tall and delivers her product with confidence, equivalent to the hard work that went into it, selling her services with a bright smile.

Get Set, Ready, Go!

In 2020, align and empower yourself with beliefs that take you towards the best you can have from your relationships and growth.

I can proudly claim that the Take Charge 5x formula gave Meghna the wind beneath her wings. Taking charge of small things can lead you to high levels of success.

Have a year that's an extra feather in your cap, not just a year for the sake of a year. Make 2020 the best year so far.
As my mentor says, "Create, Commit, Achieve".