Saturday 15 February 2020

2020 Create Your Own Happiness - "YOU CAN"

Create happiness - "YOU CAN"

I am sure this tile feels like a statement you must have come across many times. There have been books and articles on how to be happy.
And few years back, when I came across something like this I used to smirk at the people who preached happiness. It takes a fraction of second for a person to go from smiling to frowning and vice versa.
You let happiness go away so easily and, let sadness stay within you for hours or years.
Some to the extent of depression and to our biggest misfortune even suicidal thoughts. Loss has such a deter mental effect on us that we forget everything. 

Yet 95 percent of us continue living. Some of us learn to smile through the pain and some of us don’t know what to do when it hurts the most!

Should we cry?

Should we share?

Should we keep repeating what we went through to every different friend we make?

Is our pain so deep that we cannot ever heal?

Yes there are levels of distress and magnitude of pain, sorrow and challenges. Yes this seems to be like a doomsday blog and believe me, the people I coach, come to me in exactly one of the states above.

Only 5 percent of my clients come smiling and happy saying to me, Yo Gemini show me how to make more of what I have!

How do I 5x my wealth? How do I grow my business, to a level where I can sit on a beach and chill with my loved ones.

Pain can be horrific, all ages, all genders and all kinds of people go through pain. Some of us hold on to it and some of us step over it to create wonders.

2015, was one of the most painful years of my life and some miracles happened in my life the same year.
One eye cried and one eye smiled just like the sweet and sour soup we love.
On one hand, my relationship shattered with my husband and it created havoc and on the other hand, my daughter held my hand, my mom stood up with me and my son took pride in my work.
Looking back and meeting hundreds of women who have lost it all, I could see why I went through what I did and my mentor pushed me towards doing what I probably was born for - To Take Charge and build a story that women would look at and say

"If she can do it - I CAN"

Things are only as difficult as you think they are. It’s all in your head - a perception yes that’s it. Unless it’s a physical condition or health issue which is real tough. Most of us go through mental distress more than it actually is.
Losing a phone can be end of the world for a teenager where as it would mean oh I lost my phone now I can order a new one for somebody who is more mature.
It may mean the end of the world when you loose someone and it may be just a mutual understanding between two people who are parting ways. So how deep is your pain depends on how strong you are mentally, and strength does not mean being numb to emotions. Strength comes from understanding that we all go through bad times and we have the strength to take charge.

Coming to the brighter side of happiness, I found some fabulous formulas to stay happy or create happiness from my personal experience,

1 A smile never fails to lift your spirits - all you need to do is believe that this too shall pass.
2 For the more serious ones - there is laughter therapy it can be done in group or just in front of a mirror.
3 Being open minded saves you from a lot of conflict - every human is different and not everybody is blessed with compassion or wisdom. Let an idiot be an idiot, let him not control you.
4 Give yourself a three minute me time if not thirty minutes - talk to yourself about how you are in charge and how you can handle it.
5 Gratitude - count your blessings and speak about them no matter who listens, share your happy moments.
6 We lose people, we lose money, we lose opportunities, we lose arguments, yet be grateful that you don't loose hope and faith.
Faith can move mountains again I would add when you Take action and have faith you can achieve almost anything.
7 You choose your environment or create environment - be among people who are growth oriented  compassionate and who are on a mission. Like the one in the blog picture.
I learnt to be in places and groups that are enriching to the soul and every person has a story you must listen to
We learn from each other, the beauty of living through ups and downs and create moments of joy for each other.

The most precious gift you can give each other is
Sharing and

Support is crucial whether it’s to grow to be happier or to create more wealth. Holding each other’s hands and being there for a person in need.

Taking Charge means creating the life you want and taking it in the direction you want to.

Small steps of personal growth can give you the most beautiful experiences.

Therefore take charge 5x formula works on your mindset and your beliefs.

The difference between lonely and alone is vast
Do not ever choose to money always choose to stand alone yet with open arms to support.
In my keynotes I always end them by holding hands making a circle / human chain and we pledge
I am strong and when I give my strength to others I support.

Stand up for someone, you never know you may save a life.

Stay happy
Create happiness and you will be soaked in love
Take charge now