Thursday, 25 June 2020

Your purpose is your incredible ALARM CLOCK

Have you ever wondered why you don’t do what you are supposed to do ?

And at times

You do a lot more than what you planned to do !!!

No matter how much another person nags you and pushes you

We seem to build a invisible wall around us and which causes us to be rigid snd deaf to thier instructions .
17 June 2020
Lalita kept staring into her hands and she was speechless , her body had almost given up and she felt limp and withdrawn from the world

Each of her finger nail was bitten off with anxiety and now she had no more to chew on .

We looked at each other while I offered her a glass of water and she did not want to make eye contact

It was time to face the truth , the mess that she had created in her life and business.  Her paperwork was incomplete , her taxes were not paid , her car loan was overdue and her bank balance was as good as zero .and her health in a bad shape , her weight was up by 7 kgs in two months
She was a smart business woman who has made many blunders in last few months

She wore a expensive dress with some cool glasses on top of her head ,and had a expensive car waiting for her outside to go back to her apartment

She finally broke her silence and said “, for who should I struggle so much “?
“, why do I have to work so hard ?”
Everything has lost meaning , what use is this business to me when it cannot make me happy .

Truly speaking I don’t care even if I have to sleep on the streets
I am sick and tiered of this money making game

The more I earn the more I spend

And it’s never enough
Lalita  had almost given up hope
She had no driving reason to wake up every morning and create something magical
She had experienced all the luxuries she dreamt of and now it was routine , nothing new
She has lost the purpose of doing anything new or bigger in life

It took us four hours where she came to terms with what had exactly happened and why there was no meaning left together life that was earlier so wonderful

She hasd a aha moment and a new ignited purpose to put it all under her control and TAKE CHARGE

Having a purpose fuels you , yet stay on the path of your purpose takes environment and efforts

A lot of support and hand holding
Sometimes your loved ones can give you the comfort yet take you far far away from your purpose

Every small thing in your environment matters
Yet when you are in charge of things and your life . Your purpose stays strong

It’s not a unique story at some point or the other we all feel like it’s over , we loose interest and we fail to remember that what was  the reason we first started a business or a journey of entrepreneurship

During this lock down not one or not many almost every other entrepreneur has gone thorugh a state of doubt , uncertainly or sheer frustration

During my keynote last week , an interactive excercise with the audience revealed that’s its such simple things that makes us happy , it’s such simple stories that inspire us and the most neglected person in our life is

Me - myself

Worrying for every other person or  for the whole wide world we forget to look within and keep ourselves last in the list

The vision blurrs , the purpose is forgotten and than start the symptoms of withdrawal

How wonderful it would be to wake up like a kid who is excited to have a birthday for himself or to be ready to party for a friend

The excitement can be felt right form the early morning alarm clock

We ideally should be that kid who wakes up with the enthusiasm and the joy of just another beautiful day

Purpose is the incredible alarm clock

What is your purpose that wakes you up every  morning or does not let you sleep as you are so excited to transform the world 🌍
 Is your life a paper boat

Or is it that strong ship who stands strong among storms or deep sea waters ??

Where are you headed and for what purpose?


Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Don't raise perfect children!!

Do not raise perfect children!

Yes, I too, was amused at that statement .

As an empowerment coach I want performance and results, and my work towards getting my clients to do just that. A few years ago, I was given this statement or you can say commandment.

 I was doing the Call of Destiny workshop with my mentor Arfeen khan, tired at 8pm after starting at 7am.

This is about 7 years back now and this statement changed parenting for me, despite having children for 10 years already.

Today, my son has joined the journey to transform mindsets and lives at a tender age of 14, he speaks those words that I speak at 49!!

Truly sometimes, I feel proud, some times, I choke with emotions of joy and excitement as what he was and what he is now a huge non measurable change. I feel blessed and content, I push him to excel and then let go, I push him again and then let go. Giving him space to grow at the same time, giving direction to grow as well. How much he imbibes is left to him.

We come to a mutual rules of communication and that’s priceless to me.

In 2014 and 2015, my life turned upside down. Subsequently, so did my children's. From a family of 6 to 8 people, we were left to three of us and no certain future.

I always place value as the top most priority in life and any violation of them would result in me being strict and angry.

If I just blew my fuse, my both children had it - game over. As a result they would hide things from me and maybe inwards, be terrified if they made a mistake.

All this just because expectations were not met!

We take life too hard at times and fail to remember that things need to be created and left to blossom on their own a little direction and more love and compassion is to be provided rather than direction. You have everything you need already in yourself.

Like my mentor says, an iron fist in velvet glove, it’s a art to be mastered for sure .

Going back to that day when my relationship changed with my children forever...

I completed my assignment and it was very emotional as I was writing everything down. Many things started giving me clarity on where I am going wrong in life and what I should do about it.

Overall, it was magnified mirror and I was looking at all the flaws in depth so that I could improve, every aspect, including my children.

The burning question in my head was
what must I do, to get my children to be the best version of themselves? More importantly, I wondered, how?

I struggled with this question in my head from 3 pm to 8 pm that day. I wanted an answer, I wanted a solution. I felt I was not doing enough

Why did my children not score 95 percent? Why did they not listen to me?Why is that they don’t understand the importance of what I say to them? Why would they spend their crucial years like this? How can they choose their friends over me?


It frustrated me to a level I was obsessed into making them perfect. Or my definition of perfect. In the process, there used to be arguments, anger and even punishment.

Looking back I did not want parent like me. I wouldn't have tolerated one like me.

I was so wrong with all the right intentions.

There is a huge bunch of people trying to get Arfeen's attention and as always I waited patiently to see if he noticed me and let me speak.

I was also in two minds on whether I should ask or I should keep quiet as it would make me look an imperfect parent in his eyes. I took the courage to be vulnerable in public as few people were listening around me.

And he listens patiently, and he always throws these one liners as answers which can have many meanings and connotations, it’s self discovery and our own perception to what he says, and how we choose to interpret and apply them.

He looked at me from that stage and said, "GEMINI - DO NOT RAISE PERFECT CHILDREN"

I remember feeling disappointment,I wanted advice, I wanted a solution, I wanted him to tell me do this do that and what not. All I got is that one line. I knew him very briefly yet, I had this strong belief that whatever I learnt from him was life changing.

So my journey of being a different kind of mom with same goals and vision for my children. I let my children do things in their way, giving my feedback of new ways of doing the same task to get better results.

I let them choose for once.

Giving them their me time with friends let them be, not being worried how that friend impacted their behaviour, empowered them with the understanding how each friend will impact the quality of their thoughts and their behaviour.

Let them make tons of decisions, financial and others.

Give them a budget for the year and let them decide if they want to spend or save. And if they did choose something stupid (in my perception) I would give my pro and cons and let them still buy it if they wanted to. Loads of talking and listening, trusting them in every single thing they do. Forgiving the mistakes and highlights the lessons learnt rather than arguments. Cooling off time after an argument is around an hour, I recognised how to give space. Post that, no discussion and repaying. No name calling and no labelling. No comparison ever.

There are no judgements between us,
we are open with our weaknesses and when we're wrong.

Well the list is endless. Parenting is a journey and they are not your identity,  good or bad behaviour is not the benchmark of parenting.

We all make mistakes, how we rectify them for a smoother and stronger bond is what matters.

Wwhen I see one child being quiet, researching human psychology and surprising me with her wisdom and compassion and some super creative make up hacks. She holds my hand almost every day and says, 'Mom I love you.'

I can tell you, I feel content and happy that I am successful in being the right environment for the growth and emotional strength of my daughter.

For a child, who never did any household chores to a a child who worked till 2 am to complete her set of chores while her exams were going on, has been a sign of understanding, acceptance, dedication.

Does that mean the chores were done perfectly every single time? Of course not.

The observation is what all did she do to her best and how it made a difference to her mom. Yes, my daughter, like any other teen has her own game plan.

All I do is give my perception of the situation, brain storm and ar the end it’s her decision.

With my younger one, who is now being featured on live TV shows and has made me think, how much potential a child  has only when we don't put our limiting beliefs on them."

When I get so many parents tell me, I want my son to be like yours, I want my children to do this and that. I would humbly want to mention to you, something very important.

Do you want it or does your child want it?Have you walked the talk yourself?
Do you want him to do what you want them to or do you want to empower them to be themselves?

It’s a very thin line! When you invest in yourself to grow it’s a ripple effect.
When a child is happy and full of enthusiasm to grow and develop you know the environment you are providing is awesome.

When you have a child who is brilliant and does not know what’s stopping them, lead them to coaching. Coaching is not about correction. It’s not about being like someone. It’s about becoming your own hero.

While I get tons of enquires to coach teens, I ask the parents of THEY'RE game for the transformation. They always look confused as to what have they to do.

It’s the kid who is disrespectful, he or she is anger driven, he or she is this or that low attention span, is under confident etc.

However,they fail to realise that when it comes to children, is actually different formula.

Take Charge 5x formula works on teenage children who are looking for growth and emotional strength.But only if parents are ready to add those changes into their perfect parenting methods.

Every child need emotional strength and support before any long term  transformation. No doubts.

Do you agree?
Does your family know such teens and parents? Or are you one of these parents?
Are you ready to mend your ways?

Share your thoughts and answers in the comments below!

Thursday, 18 June 2020

When you are on a mission - You are not ALONE

In times of uncertainty and current situation where  all are home bound and some of you have difficulties at home you cannot share with others , so within your thoughts you may feel alone , lonely and dejected- left out . The fear of being alone or lonely can cause you lot of havoc and it has caused many to be depressed and what not. We count company by numbers - when you are part of big events have at times felt lost and disconnected .  I have. !! Ever since I have embarked on a vision , I became so focussed and aware of my strengths . Working among many like minded people who think about others and not only about themselves . SELF LOVE is amazing and should be our priority however it should not take over your emotions to the level that you cannot see or feel others emotions .the  right balance is crucial to make you feel connected to the outer world .  When the focus is outward , the whole picture changes and of course you can never be lonely on a mission . Reaching out your hand to help someone stabilise is indeed a power in itself
Donot Look into that mirror for so long that you get lost within your own challanges - rise and shine every single day as you have countless number of people you could help .
Be on a mission and never be left out
#geminidhar #lonely

Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Do you feed your mind with healthy thoughts?

Omg! What can I do sitting at home ?

I am helpless , I am sick of doing nothing !

Why the hell people don’t take this seriously

Because of some morons we suffer .....
The complains and moaning are endless
The frown gets bigger day by day

As a result you pass on this why me , why not , why this and why that .... mental jargon to the people around

What if you knew how to replace the why me and I cannot thoughts with

Try me and I can thoughts

We are all going through a similar. Situation and I know all those brave hearts out there are working 24x7 to help save lives

A team of social workers are giving their best it help people around

We all can do our bit , provided we feed ourselves daily with thoughts that are empowering , solution based rather and moaning and complaining

What thoughts did you feed yourself today
Reflect and see

I am sure you will find weeds those that you picked up while you watched news and those that you heard from a friend who called you and few more through Your what’s up chats .

Are you aware of what these weeds/ thoughts will do to your actions

Be aware

De clutter your mental garbage and get set for a better tommrow

We start this week with conscious empowering thoughts
Coming fb live soon with 9 ways to empower ❤️


Exploring Ideas towards transforming mindsets

Your mind has unlimited potential if yes why haven’t you tapped it to your max!!!!

I think of new ways to prove the basics that build the foundation of a powerful new you

As a coach I don’t invent anything
I just remix the ingredients as per the outcome required
Therefore I love guaranteed results
For myself and my clients

Creativity is my baseline and I made crores  doing just what I love

Family is one more baseline
So I am creating a huge family which will spread my. Message even after I am gone

Take charge family ❤️

When you know you can make a difference , jump up and start doing just that

I know I CAN


Pic courtesy - Umesh Walwaikar

Dreams can inspire actions

I have been a dreamer all my life
I see many people laughing at dreamers and when they share their their dreams they fear of being judged

I also know dream stealers

Yes those who don’t belive in themselves, don’t belive in others too

For them life is full of logic practical talks and seeing things black and white

For a person like me dreams have always inspired me to take action
Wether it’s to make more money , or to book a trip to usa with my mom ans kids while times were tough

Or just write down my emotions and experiences to inspire billions

During the lockdown , lots has gone topsy turvy
So I look at world upside down
And the beauty is
I am still in charge 😄
Single mothers or those who take responsibility choose their path
Having a choice does not mean things are smooth or paths are easy

With every turn on the road your options change

That strong belief if I CAN
CAN take you where you want to go
Physically as well as virtually

Your mind is the best tool given to you

If you donot upgrade it or donot sharpen your tool
Who would you blame ?

After many messages from various parts of India
I truly thank myself that
I had dreamt / visioned that I will impact 40 k pwople during the lockdown with my take charge 5x formula digitally

Any guesses how many I could connect to in one single day

ever grateful for the opportunity to connect and be heard by 34k and still counting the numbers

When you dream it , you can achieve it

Lockdown or no lockdown

Your mind can build that future that you can imagine
Of course to achieve your dreams take massive actions
Pic courtesy Umesh Walwaikar

Gratitude to Umesh for capturing just the right emotions
Awesome clicks and great human being

What did you discover about Yourself?

We are all free and at the same time we are all bound by our own boundaries

For most of us it’s safe home and for few it’s house arrest

Every morning there is no where to travel yet in the mind  we have travelled across the world on our finger tips

Killing time or investing our time

Both seems true

While endlessly surfing on the internet finding movies to watch or learning online through videos

It depends on what meaning you give to the activities you plan in the name of learning earning or just entertainment

Still the reality remains the real world from the virtual world

Moving in and out of thoughts

Life has come to a new meaning what meant to be most important is now not at all important

Pyjamas have replaced the crisp pants and T-shirt’s are your best choice to all your silk and satin

While each one is finding their own hidden talent and racking their brains to find a magic potion to just make all things right for themselves
It’s time to take a journey within

Look inside more than you look inside your gadget screens

Ponder on why and what is the purpose of your being in this world

Why do small things matter so much and bigger things have become insignificant in times like this

Three weeks or three months to come
Life may be just a new kind of normal

Yet the inner well being remains ignored for so many year that’s it’s scary while many of us to look deep within and search our intentions

Was it really worth the sweat ?
Was it really worth being angry ?
Was it really that crucial to rebel ?
Was it that easy to let go ?

Why is it that we always look outside for solutions and than realise it’s all comes from within

How closely do you know yourself and the why s of your wants and needs

The how is most obvious and till the end the struggle never ends

The inner calling will make you so restless if you don’t listen to it
It will get so loud in a few years that the otter world will loose its meaning

So it’s time to look within and make friends with that soul

Ask him or her what is that you truly believe about yourself and why is so important for you to walk the path inside out

And not just outwards

When you think about this take a pen and paper and write to yourself what will you empower yourself with so that there is light love laughter within you that shines through your smile and eyes

Look inside
Discover a whole new you
Love yourself first to love others


Darkness - What you cannot see still exists

It’s those dark moments in our minds that make every obstacle feel like a Hercules task .

Just because you have come to a dead end does not mean there is no way out

When you approach a situation with fear and anxiety or let me say I cannot do it attitude- game over !

Just by ignoring a issue it won’t be resolved , Turing a blind eye to something will not make it go away

In this lockdown thousands have found ways to Breaktgrough their own barriers and must I say many have made a choice to  be stagnant or just sit there and bite their nails in anxious thoughts

While it’s natural to face each emotion and feel the fear

What’s not acceptable is it be in the same emotion and get stuck in the same spot .ask for help when you find yourself stuck it could be a friend , a mentor , a family member , a coach , a online support , or a person whose home thorugh the storm snd come out shining .

Growth has the magical power to dim down every challenge and that the reason learning is soothing its empowering and its becomes your strength as time passes by

While all Areas  of your life need to grow

Your relationships are the those strong anchors that will help your ship sail through rough seas

They will prove crucial to build great mental health , self worth and also great wealth

To begin make your relationship with yourself stronger

Build a ammunition of strong beliefs .which I do proudly call power beliefs and see how you prosper in time’s like this

Talk to yourself - honestly when did you last have a meaningful conversation with yourself

Have one now ❤️heal yourself and than reach out to your near and dear ones

Darkness need not stop you from taking that step towards the Unkown

Abundance is everywhere you just need to capture it with your beliefs and actions


When uncertainty strikes we become restless worried and anxiety driven and your vision is blurred in such times power belief will be your SOS

This has been observed in children
Young adult and more in elderly

Daily I get to talk to one person who is not fearful yet coping with restlessness, failing to feel secure and the anxiety levels have gone up inspite of showing a brave face

Behind every smiling face there is a hidden spark of anxiety which grows once it meets similar mindset

On the whole everyone in a transition state
Children being the most under pressure
Coping with the online studies where all the learning is available now but none of the fun and de stressing moments

So how do you find relief

Well what I do for myself I offer others
What has helped me I give it to those who are willing to take a step out of the ordinary and help support themselves with extra ordinary

Power beliefs are those strong boosters that one needs in times like these

I am blessed to have very strong and go getter friends who believe in compassion and peace at same time are fired up and ready to breakthrough challanges

Environment is so powerful , the virtual environment is more powerful now a days

So think before you click on a video or any news to watch

It will add weeds of disbelief , trauma , fear , unhappiness, doom and gloom

You will not even realise how the shadow of negativity can blur your vision and you will be frozen in your path for just being in wrong environment

When you pick up a call that’s speaks to you about gloom and doom just hang up , request to not be disturbed by news that don’t empower you

Plan  your day
Read one happy story maybe of the past before lockdown
Call up that happy person you get great vibes from

Check on an elderly Friend or relative

Watch some funny videos
Write some meaningful paragraphs send then to your friends

Bake a meal and enjoy the blessed opputunity to serve your family

Put on some good music while you do the most boring chores/ learnt from my kids

And last but not the least dream big
It cost no money to dream big and if your have the right formulas your dreams will come true no matter how big the lockdown is

And last but not the least your state change will change any mood that you got stuck into

Just move your body to a state that is empowering

Happiness Is Smile. Let The Light Shine From Within - Take Charge

Happiness is so simple yet so complicated
When you make a choice to just spread sunshine it reflects back to you

No matter how grim a situation is that little ray of hope tgat crack of dawn or that bright smile you see on a face can be contagious

We see many types of people , those that I adore are the ones who smile from ear to ear just bringing in that energy to the room

Enthusiasm, excitement, laughter- these are all those power tools that go getters have

So this Tuesday morning wear that smile through out the day and see how it uplifts your mood

Self talk too is so powerful , looking into that  mirror with a huge smile
Your reflection will speak to you
So have a bright day filled with smiles and enthusiasm to whatever small chores you do

See your mood change

And when you are in your best state you are ready for some great actions and even greater outcomes

Micro actions mega results

And happiness is contagious .....

Take charge of your physical state to empower your inner state or vice a versa

During this lock down all your family needs to see us a genuine smile that radiating from your eyes too


Learning Is Life Long . Do You Apply What You Learn?

Education and learning go hand in hand
Yet it’s not the same
That’s why so many multifaceted personalities made it big without a degree

We learn concepts and feel they are useful only at workplace, logic is to be applied to certain areas of life And so on and so forth
The system is changing and now our children are learning it all online .
Probably only a few senses of their five are used so it becomes mundane and boring

It’s sad and their precious time of exploring has almost been stunted due to lockdown

Same for many grown up
Hours of media time
Hours of zoom sessions and webinar for people like me .
While everything said and done

I look back to my past 6 and  half years of a new addiction of learning exploring and developing programs

Learning keeps my mind buzzing with ideas the creative keeedddaaa alive

Being among like minded people makes me feel like I am in school

The notes and journals are not class book they are cool blank sheet with questions that challanges my mind to look at humans with more compassion and depth
 So I write I draw I scribble or just doodle on them

Every hour of learning becomes a page on my story cause it’s about human beings and not history and geography

Though geography was my favourite subject . However I still need to search the google or the globe for countries and it’s cities 😛😛😛cause it was a phase where I ratttooo (mugged it up )

The pivoting part of learning came when I started applying everything I learnt
The concepts became clearer and the results started coming

So wether I applied the Phycology of six tanks in business strategies or to calming my nerves when I see intelligent people take foolish steps
At times a Buisness owner counts all his or her pennies before investing in themselve

And sometimes my heart fills out in joy and pride when women who are broken shattered and have lost it all  - They infact put in their last penny to mend their broken wings and rise like Phoenix

Not one but many of my clients have again and again proved to me through their growth and come back
That it’s their self respect and self worth that they are ready to take any action

To feel worthy
To be understood
To be respected
To respect themselves
To shine brighter than ever before

This lockdown has put these women through thick and thin
Yet am so glad to see some of them
Stand tall
Stand strong
More finicially strong

Growing and glowing

I salute to the spirit of women entrepreneurs,home makers , mothers , single mothers , and you may name many more

Who have invested in themselves rather than buying a product that will perish

They invest in thier mindset shift
Perception change and earning their power beliefs


Love To Travel


The kid in you always pops up no matter how old you are
The stories you hear as a child the pictures you build in your thoughts and the dreams that you dream

To be able to travel every corner of African safari as a 7 year old to travelling with loads of responsiblity with a senior and two minors was indeed the bravest step of my life

While I had travelled to many countries and also solo travelled to Sweden long an as a young employee  @gunillaelm who is my Swedish mom for life now
It was all together a breakthrough for me to travel as the main head of family
Normally earlier-all the planning was done by group organisers of family

However this was my bravest step
The out come of 5 weeks of travel  has impacted my actions even today

ICAN  handle it no matter what
Little things -taking responsibility teaches you can go a long way to build confidence

The second most powerful experience was
A mother who never left. Her kids back alone -always under supervision  made a decision to leave them both alone to look after the home and the pet and travelled for work for 15 days and they did a fabulous job (lesson learnt - empower children and you don’t need to bite your nails everytime you leave them alone 😄)

Man that was tuufff yes could not have thought of it

Yet I did
It was self love
To take up an assignment to fulfil my dream to be an international speaker

Well it’s not as rosy as it sound
There was anxiety , fear , tearrrrrsss yes it’s true even tough women cry

I cry at the drop of a hat 😝😄😄😄 yet it’s not continuous it’s momentary
The smartest guy in my family who is also in the same mission as mine the youngest coach
Reminds me of all the e codes I have and almost I have no excuse but to get back in action

WEAK moments  - are part of life and they can almost cripple your chances of growth
Yet when you have TAKEN CHARGE  you have no option but to jump back

Taking charge is not about fighting the war , it’s about fighting those daily emotions of failure defeat fear anger and self doubts

Create an army of beliefs that builds your immunity towards these

Fight back everytime there is self doubt

There are simple strategies that you can code your brain with which work every single time

An entrepreneur can only soar higher during this lockdown when empowered with beliefs that give extra ordinary strength

You can build a bunch of them almost like bullets to protect you against the enemy called fear doubts and anger

Build your life with strong  self belief and no lock down will uproot you

Take charge 5x formulas are also specially designed for single women and women entrepreneurs
My clients range from home makers to businesswomen who have the potential yet are stuck with growth and struggle to get clients or those who has a great Buisness going yet get stuck due to family challanges , self doubt or lack of enthusiasm
The same chores and style of working sucks out there creativity and it becomes a mental block where ideas refuse to come and life feels like a boring episode 😉
A little innovation and new startegic planning has brought in

When Thing Matter To You - You Will Stand Up For Them. Take Charge

When you see someone suffering you feel sorry , you feel compassion, your heart reaches out for them . Yet it hardly gives a solution to the person suffering

That’s how the movement to support a cause starts
Because we care

When things matter to you , you will raise your voice in support

When you go through a horrific experience you either keep quiet hide it from the world to avoid judgement and name calling or
You stand up for such cause so that you can help others come out of their shells and break out of the patterns

Those who believe in your work wil stand with you

Last few weeks I have observed that people have become very sensitive and a lot of women have choosen to TAKE CHARGE OF THEIR LIFE
Few core reasons are they have realised that the business of thier spouses or jobs are not secure any more

Their children a future is uncertain they are fed up of the uncertainty
The dreams they saw through the eyes of others are now a Question Mark ?
The goals they set are now sort of blurred due to lockdown and it’s implications

So you may wonder
What can take charge do for them
Well to start with
Awareness of your finicial strength and working towards a plan b or resolving the current. Challanges like cash flow , lack of customers , anxiety driven actions , lack of confidence when unable to move ahead in delivering the promised goods

And the fear of loosing a loved one as every one has someone orthe other who is senoir or junior in a family

Many high risk individuals with health ailments

Overall it all looks grim , dark and hopeless and with media bombardment of grave news

It’s unbearable for the educated
Imagine the plight of the labour and other classes of society

I choose to not consume any news till date
No media no tv and no articles of doom and gloom

Just one ten minutes update a week through our society group or through family members keeps my mental state in shape

Awareness leads to understanding and understanding leads to helping you make a plan b or finding a possibility

Yes making a plan that does not rely on circumstances yet it is applicable as it’s relies on you and your strategies - we made some amazing  progress inspite of lockdown 💪

With some women entrepreneurs keeping their faith in themselves broke out of the lockdown hackles and soared high
Yes it’s possible to fly like an eagle above all the challanges when you dare when you believe in yourself and have a great support system

I stand up for women who want to TAKE CHARGE



Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Do you operate from a space of guilt ??

Do you operate from a space of guilt ?? Who do you choose
Old parents
Your home
Your work / business
Yourself ??
What’s your list of priority
And what happens when you cannot meet the demands of your loved ones ???

Sunday, 14 June 2020

Life is Uncertain, Your Responses Are Not - Take Charge And Be Upgraded

Eminute is making history
You move ahead or not
Your life has just turned a page

Upgrading your mental software is mandatory
Some fail to understand the importance
And once life hits a stand still , they go into ICU MODE

We all know that WE KNOW
Yet we donot apply what we know

So I smile at all those who make faces when they hear the word LIFE COACH
probably they haven’t experienced quality

So like every profession there are superstars and there arey hose who are penny counters

What’s your experience ?

I met some amazing mentors and coaches and my life took the meaning I was looking for

Choose wisely and do respect every profession
A life coach is no less than a life saver and a Buisness coach is no less than a oxygen mask for your dying Buisness

You may not see the value however Diamonds are diamonds no matter what carat
When you understand that life is all about mindset and mind games
You will know how powerful it is to upgrade that software before any other gadget or skill


You can taste the tools in free however only when you invest only than can you experience the transformation

When is the last time you upgraded your mindset with power beliefs ?


Friday, 12 June 2020

Sometimes courage comes from knowing you are a role model for the little eyes that look up to you

This is a very brave step even today in my perception

I had many domestic violence help calls so far and I am putting this out in public to show a ray of hope and  surly assurance that when you take a step into litigation or file a police complain take help of a ngo or a good legal advisor  and don’t let fear stop you

No matter what -stand up for your safety and your respect
It’s not only about you it’s about the little ones who look upto you

Whatever may be the reason
Your action matters

So 90 percent people donot know this

It’s was19 May 2015
I was a well established globe trotter and financially strong entrepreneur
However I never took charge of my moeny it was all left to the other half so I had barely anything in my bank account .

As a result when there was rift in relationship all he could do was stop me from doing what I loved the most and build pressure by not giving me kids education funds etc etc which amounted to domestic violence and to the extent that when I came back home after three months of staying in a rented apartment

The doors of my house were not opened to me and with my children I was at the door shocked angry and also heart broken those same parents that called me you are like my son and not our bahu were completely indifferent
It took sometime to sink in that it was all over . Was it fake love and care they showed for benifts of a working  daughter in law ?? I donnot know till date as there are always two sides of a coin
I till date cannot understand how grand parents can treat their grand children like this surly something was wrong between us

When my child looked up to me with a lump in my throat  for the first time in my life I dialed 100

The officer on call asked me Detsils and I was choking on my words tears rolling down my cheeks , completely shattered.
My first step was to go to a police Counseller and so on and so forth

It was not anger it was sadness how could this happen to me from the people I trusted for 13 long years
Was this a nightmare
No it was not it was life

I took police help and entered the same house that I had bought from my hard earned money and lived  there for last 13 years
Every corner build with love was now a reminder of what a big emotional fool I was
Maybe that moment all I could see was the faces of my children and how painful it was for them to watch their own grand parents stop them from entering Their  own room / home
Indeed it was traumatic
And the journey post that was more like a tv serial where small petty things happened and it turned into every morning waking up with regret of how I had messed up my life ? Why me


  This picture was taken one day after I entered my own house and my daughter hugging me and saying mom it’s ok

All will be fine

Nothing was fine post that yet the courage I build as a mother of three kids as now I had a pet too to feed and look after

I am sharing this not for sympathy not for defaming or putting people down

I learnt from my mentor that we are responsible what happens to us
So anyone reading this and going thorugh shit  in life must know that unless you take responsibility and change your circumstances you will always fall prey to some form of violence or other

Resolve or restrain  it’s your choice

Fear  , public shaming or ignoring a problem will not let you blossom

Be IN CHARGE and you will see wonders happen

Say no to any form of abuse
Looking back  I see how I have been blessed when I took CHARGE
It was not easy yet it was worth every year every thing I went through to be where I am today

I took responsibility and life transformed for me

What heals faster Emotional wound or physical wound?

What heals faster ?

It all depends on how deep you keep your emotional wounds

A small insult you can carry for years as it’s traumatic to have been humiliated

And a huge wound could heal in few months or years
Therefore the visible wounds and scars are what we medicate and heal .

And those hidden behind emotions that crop up and hold you back from growth are the roadblocks we create for ourselves

That’s why abuse leaves a deep scar or a wound and almost every step and action comes with that filter .

How damaging can it be ?
Well so when my clients come to me for 5x growth
They are sometimes not even aware how one negative experience and be deter mental
It’s not important if it was a big one or small one

The things that we hold deep down in our subconscious  mind are the ones that really drive us

It’s the core of why a phd owner is less successful at times than a non degree holder !!

A chai wala becomes the prime minster and a prime ministers son become no one

It’s a mind game and a game of intentions , purity and dedication

Dreamers are many times not achievers

And those who are persistent and stubborn in a good way are action takers and they attract their opportunities
Have the courage to encash those and invest in themselves

Which pain are you holding back ??
Through many processes this can be reversed and there are ways you won’t even know your mentor or coach heals you

Those who are excellent coaches give results and donot go into describing what they did

It’s like a snap of a finger

You may see it as magic yet an amazing coach will know  how to get you to perform

Take charge 5x. Formulas are those strategies I learnt from a world class mentor

Give results and your are worth in gold or should I say diamonds

From to fallen to risen
From hurt to healed

Pick someone who will unmask your potential
It’s the only formula to exponential growth

Important to heal , let go and forgive invisible strategies with visible results