Wednesday 17 June 2020

Darkness - What you cannot see still exists

It’s those dark moments in our minds that make every obstacle feel like a Hercules task .

Just because you have come to a dead end does not mean there is no way out

When you approach a situation with fear and anxiety or let me say I cannot do it attitude- game over !

Just by ignoring a issue it won’t be resolved , Turing a blind eye to something will not make it go away

In this lockdown thousands have found ways to Breaktgrough their own barriers and must I say many have made a choice to  be stagnant or just sit there and bite their nails in anxious thoughts

While it’s natural to face each emotion and feel the fear

What’s not acceptable is it be in the same emotion and get stuck in the same spot .ask for help when you find yourself stuck it could be a friend , a mentor , a family member , a coach , a online support , or a person whose home thorugh the storm snd come out shining .

Growth has the magical power to dim down every challenge and that the reason learning is soothing its empowering and its becomes your strength as time passes by

While all Areas  of your life need to grow

Your relationships are the those strong anchors that will help your ship sail through rough seas

They will prove crucial to build great mental health , self worth and also great wealth

To begin make your relationship with yourself stronger

Build a ammunition of strong beliefs .which I do proudly call power beliefs and see how you prosper in time’s like this

Talk to yourself - honestly when did you last have a meaningful conversation with yourself

Have one now ❤️heal yourself and than reach out to your near and dear ones

Darkness need not stop you from taking that step towards the Unkown

Abundance is everywhere you just need to capture it with your beliefs and actions