Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Do you feed your mind with healthy thoughts?

Omg! What can I do sitting at home ?

I am helpless , I am sick of doing nothing !

Why the hell people don’t take this seriously

Because of some morons we suffer .....
The complains and moaning are endless
The frown gets bigger day by day

As a result you pass on this why me , why not , why this and why that .... mental jargon to the people around

What if you knew how to replace the why me and I cannot thoughts with

Try me and I can thoughts

We are all going through a similar. Situation and I know all those brave hearts out there are working 24x7 to help save lives

A team of social workers are giving their best it help people around

We all can do our bit , provided we feed ourselves daily with thoughts that are empowering , solution based rather and moaning and complaining

What thoughts did you feed yourself today
Reflect and see

I am sure you will find weeds those that you picked up while you watched news and those that you heard from a friend who called you and few more through Your what’s up chats .

Are you aware of what these weeds/ thoughts will do to your actions

Be aware

De clutter your mental garbage and get set for a better tommrow

We start this week with conscious empowering thoughts
Coming fb live soon with 9 ways to empower ❤️