Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Dreams can inspire actions

I have been a dreamer all my life
I see many people laughing at dreamers and when they share their their dreams they fear of being judged

I also know dream stealers

Yes those who don’t belive in themselves, don’t belive in others too

For them life is full of logic practical talks and seeing things black and white

For a person like me dreams have always inspired me to take action
Wether it’s to make more money , or to book a trip to usa with my mom ans kids while times were tough

Or just write down my emotions and experiences to inspire billions

During the lockdown , lots has gone topsy turvy
So I look at world upside down
And the beauty is
I am still in charge πŸ˜„
Single mothers or those who take responsibility choose their path
Having a choice does not mean things are smooth or paths are easy

With every turn on the road your options change

That strong belief if I CAN
CAN take you where you want to go
Physically as well as virtually

Your mind is the best tool given to you

If you donot upgrade it or donot sharpen your tool
Who would you blame ?

After many messages from various parts of India
I truly thank myself that
I had dreamt / visioned that I will impact 40 k pwople during the lockdown with my take charge 5x formula digitally

Any guesses how many I could connect to in one single day

ever grateful for the opportunity to connect and be heard by 34k and still counting the numbers

When you dream it , you can achieve it

Lockdown or no lockdown

Your mind can build that future that you can imagine
Of course to achieve your dreams take massive actions
Pic courtesy Umesh Walwaikar

Gratitude to Umesh for capturing just the right emotions
Awesome clicks and great human being