Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Happiness Is Smile. Let The Light Shine From Within - Take Charge

Happiness is so simple yet so complicated
When you make a choice to just spread sunshine it reflects back to you

No matter how grim a situation is that little ray of hope tgat crack of dawn or that bright smile you see on a face can be contagious

We see many types of people , those that I adore are the ones who smile from ear to ear just bringing in that energy to the room

Enthusiasm, excitement, laughter- these are all those power tools that go getters have

So this Tuesday morning wear that smile through out the day and see how it uplifts your mood

Self talk too is so powerful , looking into that  mirror with a huge smile
Your reflection will speak to you
So have a bright day filled with smiles and enthusiasm to whatever small chores you do

See your mood change

And when you are in your best state you are ready for some great actions and even greater outcomes

Micro actions mega results

And happiness is contagious .....

Take charge of your physical state to empower your inner state or vice a versa

During this lock down all your family needs to see us a genuine smile that radiating from your eyes too