Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Learning Is Life Long . Do You Apply What You Learn?

Education and learning go hand in hand
Yet it’s not the same
That’s why so many multifaceted personalities made it big without a degree

We learn concepts and feel they are useful only at workplace, logic is to be applied to certain areas of life And so on and so forth
The system is changing and now our children are learning it all online .
Probably only a few senses of their five are used so it becomes mundane and boring

It’s sad and their precious time of exploring has almost been stunted due to lockdown

Same for many grown up
Hours of media time
Hours of zoom sessions and webinar for people like me .
While everything said and done

I look back to my past 6 and  half years of a new addiction of learning exploring and developing programs

Learning keeps my mind buzzing with ideas the creative keeedddaaa alive

Being among like minded people makes me feel like I am in school

The notes and journals are not class book they are cool blank sheet with questions that challanges my mind to look at humans with more compassion and depth
 So I write I draw I scribble or just doodle on them

Every hour of learning becomes a page on my story cause it’s about human beings and not history and geography

Though geography was my favourite subject . However I still need to search the google or the globe for countries and it’s cities πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›cause it was a phase where I ratttooo (mugged it up )

The pivoting part of learning came when I started applying everything I learnt
The concepts became clearer and the results started coming

So wether I applied the Phycology of six tanks in business strategies or to calming my nerves when I see intelligent people take foolish steps
At times a Buisness owner counts all his or her pennies before investing in themselve

And sometimes my heart fills out in joy and pride when women who are broken shattered and have lost it all  - They infact put in their last penny to mend their broken wings and rise like Phoenix

Not one but many of my clients have again and again proved to me through their growth and come back
That it’s their self respect and self worth that they are ready to take any action

To feel worthy
To be understood
To be respected
To respect themselves
To shine brighter than ever before

This lockdown has put these women through thick and thin
Yet am so glad to see some of them
Stand tall
Stand strong
More finicially strong

Growing and glowing

I salute to the spirit of women entrepreneurs,home makers , mothers , single mothers , and you may name many more

Who have invested in themselves rather than buying a product that will perish

They invest in thier mindset shift
Perception change and earning their power beliefs