Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Love To Travel


The kid in you always pops up no matter how old you are
The stories you hear as a child the pictures you build in your thoughts and the dreams that you dream

To be able to travel every corner of African safari as a 7 year old to travelling with loads of responsiblity with a senior and two minors was indeed the bravest step of my life

While I had travelled to many countries and also solo travelled to Sweden long an as a young employee  @gunillaelm who is my Swedish mom for life now
It was all together a breakthrough for me to travel as the main head of family
Normally earlier-all the planning was done by group organisers of family

However this was my bravest step
The out come of 5 weeks of travel  has impacted my actions even today

ICAN  handle it no matter what
Little things -taking responsibility teaches you can go a long way to build confidence

The second most powerful experience was
A mother who never left. Her kids back alone -always under supervision  made a decision to leave them both alone to look after the home and the pet and travelled for work for 15 days and they did a fabulous job (lesson learnt - empower children and you don’t need to bite your nails everytime you leave them alone πŸ˜„)

Man that was tuufff yes could not have thought of it

Yet I did
It was self love
To take up an assignment to fulfil my dream to be an international speaker

Well it’s not as rosy as it sound
There was anxiety , fear , tearrrrrsss yes it’s true even tough women cry

I cry at the drop of a hat πŸ˜πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ yet it’s not continuous it’s momentary
The smartest guy in my family who is also in the same mission as mine the youngest coach
Reminds me of all the e codes I have and almost I have no excuse but to get back in action

WEAK moments  - are part of life and they can almost cripple your chances of growth
Yet when you have TAKEN CHARGE  you have no option but to jump back

Taking charge is not about fighting the war , it’s about fighting those daily emotions of failure defeat fear anger and self doubts

Create an army of beliefs that builds your immunity towards these

Fight back everytime there is self doubt

There are simple strategies that you can code your brain with which work every single time

An entrepreneur can only soar higher during this lockdown when empowered with beliefs that give extra ordinary strength

You can build a bunch of them almost like bullets to protect you against the enemy called fear doubts and anger

Build your life with strong  self belief and no lock down will uproot you

Take charge 5x formulas are also specially designed for single women and women entrepreneurs
My clients range from home makers to businesswomen who have the potential yet are stuck with growth and struggle to get clients or those who has a great Buisness going yet get stuck due to family challanges , self doubt or lack of enthusiasm
The same chores and style of working sucks out there creativity and it becomes a mental block where ideas refuse to come and life feels like a boring episode πŸ˜‰
A little innovation and new startegic planning has brought in