Wednesday 17 June 2020

What did you discover about Yourself?

We are all free and at the same time we are all bound by our own boundaries

For most of us it’s safe home and for few it’s house arrest

Every morning there is no where to travel yet in the mind  we have travelled across the world on our finger tips

Killing time or investing our time

Both seems true

While endlessly surfing on the internet finding movies to watch or learning online through videos

It depends on what meaning you give to the activities you plan in the name of learning earning or just entertainment

Still the reality remains the real world from the virtual world

Moving in and out of thoughts

Life has come to a new meaning what meant to be most important is now not at all important

Pyjamas have replaced the crisp pants and T-shirt’s are your best choice to all your silk and satin

While each one is finding their own hidden talent and racking their brains to find a magic potion to just make all things right for themselves
It’s time to take a journey within

Look inside more than you look inside your gadget screens

Ponder on why and what is the purpose of your being in this world

Why do small things matter so much and bigger things have become insignificant in times like this

Three weeks or three months to come
Life may be just a new kind of normal

Yet the inner well being remains ignored for so many year that’s it’s scary while many of us to look deep within and search our intentions

Was it really worth the sweat ?
Was it really worth being angry ?
Was it really that crucial to rebel ?
Was it that easy to let go ?

Why is it that we always look outside for solutions and than realise it’s all comes from within

How closely do you know yourself and the why s of your wants and needs

The how is most obvious and till the end the struggle never ends

The inner calling will make you so restless if you don’t listen to it
It will get so loud in a few years that the otter world will loose its meaning

So it’s time to look within and make friends with that soul

Ask him or her what is that you truly believe about yourself and why is so important for you to walk the path inside out

And not just outwards

When you think about this take a pen and paper and write to yourself what will you empower yourself with so that there is light love laughter within you that shines through your smile and eyes

Look inside
Discover a whole new you
Love yourself first to love others