Friday, 12 June 2020

What heals faster Emotional wound or physical wound?

What heals faster ?

It all depends on how deep you keep your emotional wounds

A small insult you can carry for years as it’s traumatic to have been humiliated

And a huge wound could heal in few months or years
Therefore the visible wounds and scars are what we medicate and heal .

And those hidden behind emotions that crop up and hold you back from growth are the roadblocks we create for ourselves

That’s why abuse leaves a deep scar or a wound and almost every step and action comes with that filter .

How damaging can it be ?
Well so when my clients come to me for 5x growth
They are sometimes not even aware how one negative experience and be deter mental
It’s not important if it was a big one or small one

The things that we hold deep down in our subconscious  mind are the ones that really drive us

It’s the core of why a phd owner is less successful at times than a non degree holder !!

A chai wala becomes the prime minster and a prime ministers son become no one

It’s a mind game and a game of intentions , purity and dedication

Dreamers are many times not achievers

And those who are persistent and stubborn in a good way are action takers and they attract their opportunities
Have the courage to encash those and invest in themselves

Which pain are you holding back ??
Through many processes this can be reversed and there are ways you won’t even know your mentor or coach heals you

Those who are excellent coaches give results and donot go into describing what they did

It’s like a snap of a finger

You may see it as magic yet an amazing coach will know  how to get you to perform

Take charge 5x. Formulas are those strategies I learnt from a world class mentor

Give results and your are worth in gold or should I say diamonds

From to fallen to risen
From hurt to healed

Pick someone who will unmask your potential
It’s the only formula to exponential growth

Important to heal , let go and forgive invisible strategies with visible results