Wednesday, 17 June 2020

When Thing Matter To You - You Will Stand Up For Them. Take Charge

When you see someone suffering you feel sorry , you feel compassion, your heart reaches out for them . Yet it hardly gives a solution to the person suffering

That’s how the movement to support a cause starts
Because we care

When things matter to you , you will raise your voice in support

When you go through a horrific experience you either keep quiet hide it from the world to avoid judgement and name calling or
You stand up for such cause so that you can help others come out of their shells and break out of the patterns

Those who believe in your work wil stand with you

Last few weeks I have observed that people have become very sensitive and a lot of women have choosen to TAKE CHARGE OF THEIR LIFE
Few core reasons are they have realised that the business of thier spouses or jobs are not secure any more

Their children a future is uncertain they are fed up of the uncertainty
The dreams they saw through the eyes of others are now a Question Mark ?
The goals they set are now sort of blurred due to lockdown and it’s implications

So you may wonder
What can take charge do for them
Well to start with
Awareness of your finicial strength and working towards a plan b or resolving the current. Challanges like cash flow , lack of customers , anxiety driven actions , lack of confidence when unable to move ahead in delivering the promised goods

And the fear of loosing a loved one as every one has someone orthe other who is senoir or junior in a family

Many high risk individuals with health ailments

Overall it all looks grim , dark and hopeless and with media bombardment of grave news

It’s unbearable for the educated
Imagine the plight of the labour and other classes of society

I choose to not consume any news till date
No media no tv and no articles of doom and gloom

Just one ten minutes update a week through our society group or through family members keeps my mental state in shape

Awareness leads to understanding and understanding leads to helping you make a plan b or finding a possibility

Yes making a plan that does not rely on circumstances yet it is applicable as it’s relies on you and your strategies - we made some amazing  progress inspite of lockdown πŸ’ͺ

With some women entrepreneurs keeping their faith in themselves broke out of the lockdown hackles and soared high
Yes it’s possible to fly like an eagle above all the challanges when you dare when you believe in yourself and have a great support system

I stand up for women who want to TAKE CHARGE