Wednesday, 17 June 2020

When uncertainty strikes we become restless worried and anxiety driven and your vision is blurred in such times power belief will be your SOS

This has been observed in children
Young adult and more in elderly

Daily I get to talk to one person who is not fearful yet coping with restlessness, failing to feel secure and the anxiety levels have gone up inspite of showing a brave face

Behind every smiling face there is a hidden spark of anxiety which grows once it meets similar mindset

On the whole everyone in a transition state
Children being the most under pressure
Coping with the online studies where all the learning is available now but none of the fun and de stressing moments

So how do you find relief

Well what I do for myself I offer others
What has helped me I give it to those who are willing to take a step out of the ordinary and help support themselves with extra ordinary

Power beliefs are those strong boosters that one needs in times like these

I am blessed to have very strong and go getter friends who believe in compassion and peace at same time are fired up and ready to breakthrough challanges

Environment is so powerful , the virtual environment is more powerful now a days

So think before you click on a video or any news to watch

It will add weeds of disbelief , trauma , fear , unhappiness, doom and gloom

You will not even realise how the shadow of negativity can blur your vision and you will be frozen in your path for just being in wrong environment

When you pick up a call that’s speaks to you about gloom and doom just hang up , request to not be disturbed by news that don’t empower you

Plan  your day
Read one happy story maybe of the past before lockdown
Call up that happy person you get great vibes from

Check on an elderly Friend or relative

Watch some funny videos
Write some meaningful paragraphs send then to your friends

Bake a meal and enjoy the blessed opputunity to serve your family

Put on some good music while you do the most boring chores/ learnt from my kids

And last but not the least dream big
It cost no money to dream big and if your have the right formulas your dreams will come true no matter how big the lockdown is

And last but not the least your state change will change any mood that you got stuck into

Just move your body to a state that is empowering