Thursday, 18 June 2020

When you are on a mission - You are not ALONE

In times of uncertainty and current situation where  all are home bound and some of you have difficulties at home you cannot share with others , so within your thoughts you may feel alone , lonely and dejected- left out . The fear of being alone or lonely can cause you lot of havoc and it has caused many to be depressed and what not. We count company by numbers - when you are part of big events have at times felt lost and disconnected .  I have. !! Ever since I have embarked on a vision , I became so focussed and aware of my strengths . Working among many like minded people who think about others and not only about themselves . SELF LOVE is amazing and should be our priority however it should not take over your emotions to the level that you cannot see or feel others emotions .the  right balance is crucial to make you feel connected to the outer world .  When the focus is outward , the whole picture changes and of course you can never be lonely on a mission . Reaching out your hand to help someone stabilise is indeed a power in itself
Donot Look into that mirror for so long that you get lost within your own challanges - rise and shine every single day as you have countless number of people you could help .
Be on a mission and never be left out
#geminidhar #lonely