Thursday, 25 June 2020

Your purpose is your incredible ALARM CLOCK

Have you ever wondered why you don’t do what you are supposed to do ?

And at times

You do a lot more than what you planned to do !!!

No matter how much another person nags you and pushes you

We seem to build a invisible wall around us and which causes us to be rigid snd deaf to thier instructions .
17 June 2020
Lalita kept staring into her hands and she was speechless , her body had almost given up and she felt limp and withdrawn from the world

Each of her finger nail was bitten off with anxiety and now she had no more to chew on .

We looked at each other while I offered her a glass of water and she did not want to make eye contact

It was time to face the truth , the mess that she had created in her life and business.  Her paperwork was incomplete , her taxes were not paid , her car loan was overdue and her bank balance was as good as zero .and her health in a bad shape , her weight was up by 7 kgs in two months
She was a smart business woman who has made many blunders in last few months

She wore a expensive dress with some cool glasses on top of her head ,and had a expensive car waiting for her outside to go back to her apartment

She finally broke her silence and said “, for who should I struggle so much “?
“, why do I have to work so hard ?”
Everything has lost meaning , what use is this business to me when it cannot make me happy .

Truly speaking I don’t care even if I have to sleep on the streets
I am sick and tiered of this money making game

The more I earn the more I spend

And it’s never enough
Lalita  had almost given up hope
She had no driving reason to wake up every morning and create something magical
She had experienced all the luxuries she dreamt of and now it was routine , nothing new
She has lost the purpose of doing anything new or bigger in life

It took us four hours where she came to terms with what had exactly happened and why there was no meaning left together life that was earlier so wonderful

She hasd a aha moment and a new ignited purpose to put it all under her control and TAKE CHARGE

Having a purpose fuels you , yet stay on the path of your purpose takes environment and efforts

A lot of support and hand holding
Sometimes your loved ones can give you the comfort yet take you far far away from your purpose

Every small thing in your environment matters
Yet when you are in charge of things and your life . Your purpose stays strong

It’s not a unique story at some point or the other we all feel like it’s over , we loose interest and we fail to remember that what was  the reason we first started a business or a journey of entrepreneurship

During this lock down not one or not many almost every other entrepreneur has gone thorugh a state of doubt , uncertainly or sheer frustration

During my keynote last week , an interactive excercise with the audience revealed that’s its such simple things that makes us happy , it’s such simple stories that inspire us and the most neglected person in our life is

Me - myself

Worrying for every other person or  for the whole wide world we forget to look within and keep ourselves last in the list

The vision blurrs , the purpose is forgotten and than start the symptoms of withdrawal

How wonderful it would be to wake up like a kid who is excited to have a birthday for himself or to be ready to party for a friend

The excitement can be felt right form the early morning alarm clock

We ideally should be that kid who wakes up with the enthusiasm and the joy of just another beautiful day

Purpose is the incredible alarm clock

What is your purpose that wakes you up every  morning or does not let you sleep as you are so excited to transform the world 🌍
 Is your life a paper boat

Or is it that strong ship who stands strong among storms or deep sea waters ??

Where are you headed and for what purpose?