Wednesday, 29 July 2020

The Journey of being an author

This is such an unbelievable moment in my life that today I am fast selling author and also my next book is on its way .
Yo a student who scored average to low and was pathetic in spelling and Grammer is today invited for workshops and has had the previlage to have her book autographed by Amitabh bacchan , Ratan Tata , diya Mirza ,ARfeen khan , Hritik roshan
And many more
To be honoured and awarded on various organisations and having the joy of doing children workshops to inspire them

If I look back the journey looks like a dream
My belief in my self has completely transformed
When my mother hold my book with pride and says my day ther is an author with twinkle in her smile that too a toothless one
The price in her eyes makes it worth every effort
That one push from my mentor ARfeen khan and his absolutely simple 7 rep system to write a book gave me absolutely clarity on my audience and what they need
So now I can’t wait to author a dozen more books
With the amazing guidance and system that I have learnt

Thank you Mr khan - being an author has transformed my credibility

Tuesday, 28 July 2020

What fulfills you?

It’s been 40 to 50 hours of non stop learning
While I look into my tv monitor and get fuzzed out with a thought
Something which made lot of sense

Why did I give up a very high profile business with tons of money and let go of my past and embraced a brand new challenging start at the age of 45 when all I had to do is say sorry , mute my needs And self respect to live in comfort
Be more domicile and compromise towards integrity  in my marriage just had to fake it !
Just act yes ACT NORMAL to the outside world  and every thing that was happening to my marriage and me would be under quiet doors of my house

And I could fool myself thst all will be well , just don’t speak about it and don’t share it
People may judge you ,and I did just the opposite I stood up and  they did judge me .

Things like she looks to old for him , he’s good looking man it’s natural for him to have affairs

He is too intelligent and she must be dumb
He is a nice smiling charming man she is an angry woman
She’s got ego and he even said that !!!!
She is a BAD mother !!!!

The bad mother statement hit me the most I cried , I crumbled and almost lost  my cool - as only I KNEW how many sleepless nights I had dedicated to my new borns
How INSPITE  having my stitches broken after delivery I crawled to get to my kids crib to feed them
How when all the peo pe in my family got busy with thier day to day life , I put out a brave front and did all that was required for growing children .

I missed my work , missed my cup of tea which at times I could not have til 3 in the afternoon as my priority was to feed my kids first

Missing my international meetings due to my daughter developing high fever

And a meeting I would prepare for for months would be  shifted to be handled by my husband as there was no one to help at times
At home
So bad mother I was
And spooling my children’s life was what I was labelled because I stoop up against all odds

Wow I am dazed as all this as it comes flooding back to me in a moment

I did not realise that the wealth and the relationship did not fulfill me

When I see so many women and men rush after money
I respect their drive and passion
Nothing wrong with making more of each Area of you life
The question is what’s your fulfilment meter ?
Does it satisfy your need to make you feel - yes this is who I am and I love what I have
I am loved
I am cherished
My life has a greater meaning
I am not alone

It could mean different things to different people
For me it was the joy of being valuable

For every tear wiped
For every life empowered it gives me a new purpose
Countless number of women share with me - how they fear loneliness , judgement of society or how they have lost the joy of living
By compromising on their core values

Many of them say it takes guts , and I totally disagree

It takes self value , self worth and a vision about your own future

What is comfortable and okay today will be your biggest roadblock and deter mental to your mental health

When you mute the voice within
A huge chaos starts to unfold into your life which after a certain point is irreversible

Hence the untimely deaths of celebrities, the mental Heath of many well to do business tycoons
The absolute disowning of relationships  or leaving all materialist things and walking on spiritual path
Why do people choose extremes when there could be a beautiful balance

Well the power of fulfilment goes beyond any other need

For some love is the key for some adventure is the key, for some significance is the key ,
Yet research says that the most and the best source of fulfilment is contribution

I have experienced this in last 7 years

And my journey is documented on various mediums
I speak what I feel , I feel what I think , I think what I feed my mind and my environment plays a vital role
Therefore Take charge of your needs
Dig deep and find the treasures of life  that are an absolute pleasure to Iive by
Gratitude and contribution will always give you fulfilment
So the past is history the present is beautiful and the Future is outstanding 😄
When you Take charge

Monday, 13 July 2020

Every step matters Keep moving

Every step matters
Keep moving

Thursday, 9 July 2020

Who do you choose to be?

So many people believe that once I am more stable , once I have more money or once I have more time I will do so and so
Than countless hours pass always and the intent is there yet it fades out .
It’s sad to see mature people want to reap profits even before they invest in something .
As a coach I meet hundreds of individuals who have big dreams and big vision , yet when it comes to taking a step on the direction - perfect timing , suitably and many other excuses are put in front of their descion making .
Years pass by and only when something major happens they wake up to reality
So @tonyrobbins  says you can’t expect to have fire if you don’t put in the wood
Majority of masses do not fulfill their dreams as they have not taken massive actions and so does my mentor @arfeen.khan  rightly shared law of attraction does not work unless you work towards the results you want
To avoid making a descion is to bury your dreams and after many years have passed you become a person you would not like to see in the mirror
Regrets , complains , blaming the circumstances and the list is endless
If you have an imaginary yet real life roadblock in your life which is stopping you from living the life of your dreams
Pls google the interview I did on my YouTube channel with @iamshamsaalam  and look at yourself in the mirror and ask  yourself
Am I a victor ?
Or am I a victim ?
Victims never succeed and victors always find possibilities
Take Charge. And stop fooling yourself with stories that hold you back , write a new chapter in your life and create possibilities
If you have a list of amazing things you wanted to do and have not !!!
 Time to take the steps
Coaches transform the mind to create possibilities not only for other , for themselves as well
It’s a pure win win


Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Have been put off by words

Or been inspired by them

Transformational language is powerful.

You are useless
Dumb, foolish,
There is a better way to do this!
Let me show you how this can be done smartly

What you say n what you mean  has a huge gap at times

And this of course is part of communication.
In day to day life , many fail to use the transformational mode.

Like a special occasion it’s used only to close deals or get great results where you want to stand out

Little do we realise that it’s the most crucial part of relationships

What you listen too ,through audio,video  on media impacts your vocabulary and also how it becomes common pattern to absorb all this on a subconscious level

Studies prove that children exposed to such content can develop phobias, fears and much
Invisible garbage

As a child I remember Mahamta Gandhi s three monkeys

The food you give your thoughts create your ideas and those thoughts create beliefs and almost all outcomes

Words trigger emotions and they have immense power
It can hardens a year like. Rock and it can melt a heart

Let’s not let language use us ans instead use language to get our results

Very few know the difference

It’s not how many adjectives you know it’s how you say the same adjective in the most impactful way that counts

You are amazing can feel flat and out of place from someone who has no congruency and
Good job can mean the world coming from a person who is congruent

The set of speaking is the one that generates millions of dollars for speakers who give keynotes , ans those are the people who speak from the heart

I had been to one Workshop by Alok Ulfat
Where I learnt such an amazing fact / lesson

He is quite a task master and he said to me

Don’t talk AT  people

Talk TO people

It’s such a minute observation yet it’s the only thing I did not realise
Being a boss  for decade plus and working with so many employees I had lost the patience to repeat instructions

Years of interaction with dozens of people  you tend to get short tempered
Little do you know how damaging it can be to ones self as well as the people around you .
What you fed your mind becomes what you get as results

Women are emotional and therefore either they are super powerful or they end up being trapped with their own weakness
POWER BELIEFS are the seeds of mega growth

Learn the art of communication,verbal and non verbal  when you learn personal influence in my Take Charge 5 x Formulas
Wether it’s a loved one you want empower or a business deal you want to close
It all starts from within

Think of that one person you adore the most and you will observe how much you love what they say to you

Beware of of people who fill your thoughts with poison of negativity - they are more dangerous than any virus