Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Have been put off by words

Or been inspired by them

Transformational language is powerful.

You are useless
Dumb, foolish,
There is a better way to do this!
Let me show you how this can be done smartly

What you say n what you mean  has a huge gap at times

And this of course is part of communication.
In day to day life , many fail to use the transformational mode.

Like a special occasion it’s used only to close deals or get great results where you want to stand out

Little do we realise that it’s the most crucial part of relationships

What you listen too ,through audio,video  on media impacts your vocabulary and also how it becomes common pattern to absorb all this on a subconscious level

Studies prove that children exposed to such content can develop phobias, fears and much
Invisible garbage

As a child I remember Mahamta Gandhi s three monkeys

The food you give your thoughts create your ideas and those thoughts create beliefs and almost all outcomes

Words trigger emotions and they have immense power
It can hardens a year like. Rock and it can melt a heart

Let’s not let language use us ans instead use language to get our results

Very few know the difference

It’s not how many adjectives you know it’s how you say the same adjective in the most impactful way that counts

You are amazing can feel flat and out of place from someone who has no congruency and
Good job can mean the world coming from a person who is congruent

The set of speaking is the one that generates millions of dollars for speakers who give keynotes , ans those are the people who speak from the heart

I had been to one Workshop by Alok Ulfat
Where I learnt such an amazing fact / lesson

He is quite a task master and he said to me

Don’t talk AT  people

Talk TO people

It’s such a minute observation yet it’s the only thing I did not realise
Being a boss  for decade plus and working with so many employees I had lost the patience to repeat instructions

Years of interaction with dozens of people  you tend to get short tempered
Little do you know how damaging it can be to ones self as well as the people around you .
What you fed your mind becomes what you get as results

Women are emotional and therefore either they are super powerful or they end up being trapped with their own weakness
POWER BELIEFS are the seeds of mega growth

Learn the art of communication,verbal and non verbal  when you learn personal influence in my Take Charge 5 x Formulas
Wether it’s a loved one you want empower or a business deal you want to close
It all starts from within

Think of that one person you adore the most and you will observe how much you love what they say to you

Beware of of people who fill your thoughts with poison of negativity - they are more dangerous than any virus