Wednesday, 29 July 2020

The Journey of being an author

This is such an unbelievable moment in my life that today I am fast selling author and also my next book is on its way .
Yo a student who scored average to low and was pathetic in spelling and Grammer is today invited for workshops and has had the previlage to have her book autographed by Amitabh bacchan , Ratan Tata , diya Mirza ,ARfeen khan , Hritik roshan
And many more
To be honoured and awarded on various organisations and having the joy of doing children workshops to inspire them

If I look back the journey looks like a dream
My belief in my self has completely transformed
When my mother hold my book with pride and says my day ther is an author with twinkle in her smile that too a toothless one
The price in her eyes makes it worth every effort
That one push from my mentor ARfeen khan and his absolutely simple 7 rep system to write a book gave me absolutely clarity on my audience and what they need
So now I can’t wait to author a dozen more books
With the amazing guidance and system that I have learnt

Thank you Mr khan - being an author has transformed my credibility