Thursday, 9 July 2020

Who do you choose to be?

So many people believe that once I am more stable , once I have more money or once I have more time I will do so and so
Than countless hours pass always and the intent is there yet it fades out .
It’s sad to see mature people want to reap profits even before they invest in something .
As a coach I meet hundreds of individuals who have big dreams and big vision , yet when it comes to taking a step on the direction - perfect timing , suitably and many other excuses are put in front of their descion making .
Years pass by and only when something major happens they wake up to reality
So @tonyrobbins  says you can’t expect to have fire if you don’t put in the wood
Majority of masses do not fulfill their dreams as they have not taken massive actions and so does my mentor @arfeen.khan  rightly shared law of attraction does not work unless you work towards the results you want
To avoid making a descion is to bury your dreams and after many years have passed you become a person you would not like to see in the mirror
Regrets , complains , blaming the circumstances and the list is endless
If you have an imaginary yet real life roadblock in your life which is stopping you from living the life of your dreams
Pls google the interview I did on my YouTube channel with @iamshamsaalam  and look at yourself in the mirror and ask  yourself
Am I a victor ?
Or am I a victim ?
Victims never succeed and victors always find possibilities
Take Charge. And stop fooling yourself with stories that hold you back , write a new chapter in your life and create possibilities
If you have a list of amazing things you wanted to do and have not !!!
 Time to take the steps
Coaches transform the mind to create possibilities not only for other , for themselves as well
It’s a pure win win