Monday 10 August 2020

Do you live inside your head!!!


Do you live inside your head ?

Are you a person who takes ages to analyse and make descion and at times push behind descion that are connected to money or expenditure. !

Are you someone when asked to spend would say wait let me think ? Or let’s see not now . ‘

I know of elders who are adored by their children or grandchildren who run upto them for treats, goodies and gifts 

My nani has nearly two dozen grandchildren 
She had seven daughters and each one had their children go to stay with her in summer vacation 

We had gunny bags of mangoes delivered and we as cousins or nieces would become a big gang sit on the veranda in our petticoats / slips and chew on mangoes together. 

Those were the best memories of nani / grandmother . I remeber her for her big heart and everybready to share something to each one . Looking back I understand how she managed the two dozen of us πŸ˜„

We used to lineup in a que and she would open her potli/ cloth coin bag and give us pennies to buy ice lolly/ golas in summer 

I would have got very expensive gifts all my life yet those moments of receiving with love are etched into my value building .and we could always count on her 
Never did she hesitate in giving 
And in contra I have seen people be so very tight with their pennies 

They will think , plan check and maybe still take more time of think before they even put their hands in their pockets or pull out their cards 

I respect that it’s good to be sensitive to your situation and spend 

Yet the attitude matters 
Some crib with every penny spent and some do it with a huge smile and warmth in thier hearts 

Noticing habits and patterns in ourselves can help us discover better and more effective ways to deal with our choices and how we can enjoy the process rather than feel overwhelmed and dragged into making it happen 

So how much should you think before you opt for something or do something ?

Descions are made in the head - HEAD !!!

How many of you agree to this , yet research shows and proves that the descions maybe taken from the head - the major factor that makes one decode is the emotion that your heart adds to the descion 

Emotional people take faster descions and mostly are the ones who see mega growth and success and those who take ages to decide do lot of analysis paralysis 

It’s crucial to do analysis, 
Yet that’s is a limit of how much time one  you should  take 
Imagine a surgeon cutting open a heart and than getting into delayed descion making 
How would it impact his patients!!
It’s matter of seconds at that moment 
And at same time this same surgeion would take weeks to decide which car he would pay for 

Descion making tools are ideal  too help you out of the tricky yes or no 
Should I or should I not 
Type of situations 

This are not commonly use , yet those who know how to use them become so stress free 

You could have a well planned well structured business plan that goes kaput/ fails miserably 

Or it could be a foolish investment that fetched you crazy returns 

The more smart we think we are !! The better chances of falling flat on our face 

I have experienced this and so have many women entrepreneurs shared with me 
How after years of wanting to do something they found the courage to do it right alway!!

A venture which looked perfect and was planned with precision did not work out .

And just a gut feeling of something drove them towards mega success 

There is no gurantee to success and same way there is no gurantee to failure 

Therefore from my 3 decades of global entrepreneurship I can strongly say that 
Those heart based head verified descion made more profits than the planned head centred attempts (every experiences are unique ) this observation is based on mine as well as many inspirational stories seen and heard 

An emotion creates a state and that state creates an awareness which will lead you to make the best choice 

Take charge 5x formulas are designed and empowered with tool that you may have known 
Yet you would have not applied them with a new perception 

When you love the Individual in the mirror every morning , your confidence meter rises and that starts a chain of thoughts and emotions that will be your fuel to taking action 

Action +right emotion +belief = outstanding outcomes