Monday, 24 August 2020

ENTHUSIASM - Do you have this fuel in you?


What’s are your chances of closing a deal ?
What is that extra punch you can add to your personality that can help you do more ?

Enthusiasm is most taken for granted tool to success

Or at times enthusiastic people are looked upon as Kiddish

Well can you imagine when a kids needs something how effortlessly they can awww the parent or how easily we give into their innocence πŸ˜„
I know the twinkle in the eye , the smile on their faces and the not to miss excitement in their voice .

Everything has intensity a feeling of wonder and the energy is almost contagious

Therefore people who work with young kids are chirpy happy and full of life they also find wonder into small things .
While those who lack enthusiasm and energy get fed up , frustrated and emotionally drained when they are among children

It surprises me as to how one does not realize the power of

Loving what you do , and doing what you love !!

How do you show the world you love your job, you love your work , you love your craft or whatever you do !!!

Your energy , the joy you express, the way you jump out of bed everyday to get your most favorite task done

And the exact opposite of this happens when you dislike a particular task

For me I am super excited when I deliver keynotes no matter how many people in front of me .every cell in my body comes alive .

And when I am asked to sit quiet and observe passively some tasks that I dislike my eyes start to water , my body feels heavy and I am almost asleep at times

That could be embarrassing as well as deter mental if I were to work for someone

Dipti is a gymnast
She has 1000 volts of energy in her body when she is on field performing or training , however when it came to doing household chores her energy meter dropped to almost zero

Causing her to have massive arguments with her mum , I am sure many of you relate to this .

Nothing she did made her mum happy . Half hearted efforts don’t give you results . They can only give you regrets

So Dipti’s mum approaches me and said Gem do something what the hell is wrong with her
Why is she like this !!
Speaking to Dipti I noticed about her double standard behavior and how it didn’t matter to her whether her mum went mental yelling at her she would just switch off the outer noise and go into her room and lock herself

The first session she agreed to do with me out of love for her mum she finally decide to call it peace at home .

So when we started she shared how life was frustrating and currently her anger levels had gone beyond her control and she even had a painful breakup due to the stress and boredom

This kind of energetic people need to be kept busy , they got be be super active and doing constructive projects
A desk job would kill their enthusiasm

Some awareness and a lot of discovering more about how she could create a effortless win win with her family gave her lot of relief

A bright girl that she was she agreed to break her damaging patterns and build new healthy ones

The work began and concrete steps give good results with some hand holding and more inspirational vision worked best with her rather than things to do
It worked beautifully with her .

This is just a small example
Your state or your energy levels are first created in your mind

As a fed up mom s enthusiasm would be so high - when she would want to go out for a Starbucks coffee while a family member would help baby sit her toddler.

Ask a fed up employee if he would want to take two days three nights vacation and see his eyes light up
Who doesn’t want a treat - we all do

However in real life when you work on your state , enhance your energy levels and CREATE

Yes Crest an environment that you are in charge of , where you bring up the apt emotion and use it toward introducing yourself to the world

This sounds super complicated and it is when you have old patterns to stop you from changing

However with proper guidance and practice you can develop the LONG LASTING go-getter attitude

Enthusiasm is a fuel

Leverage your success with enthusiasm
It can be learnt and for those who have it , it can be structured for results

Next time you walk into a meeting use enthusiasm and be surprised with your results
Energy is contagious- make the best of it

Take charge 5x formulas is not rocket science it’s day to day strategies that will unmask your potential
Women entrepreneurs let’s take your enthusiasm to the next level ❤️