Monday, 24 August 2020

Kindness is equal to PROFIT!!!


Kindness is equal to PROFIT

When we talk about profits years of learning to count the difference between cost and max retail price is profit

Or the balance sheet that you have been reading for years comes to your mind .

When your company or you make profit you are growing
When you have ample orders and clients you are in profit .

Gemini as an entrepreneur I know that profits are numbers , profits are clients and profits is that difference between cost and mrp

Where does kindness fit in !!!

Wired for money
Wired for success
Wired to be a go getter
Wired to do more

For an entrepreneur above is natural traits of growth which I extensively work on when a part of it is missing

Yet many of them when introduced to kindness become more agitated and look at me in disbelief
As if I am giving silly advise

It’s believed that we all are kind
And I agree each human being is filled with kindness yet very few of us consciously apply it to day to life

When it comes to business it’s rarely applied as most of the times we have to take decision that fetch us more money or that reduces our loss - think in numbers is mandatory when you are a business owner .

Hire and fire are policies mostly all huge corporate organisations use .

In the world of professionalism this is apt and nothing wrong with being calculative.

On the contra my with my experience with my vendors and staff has been unique and I have developed one part of my business coaching towards kindness

You can be kind when you experience kindness and how when one act of kindness towards you
When working with vendors and employees compassion plays a huge huge role .
We are one big family is great it say and when actually practiced can be difficult as part of it is forgiving mistakes , helping the weak ones grow , allowing that extra allowance of leaves , standing by your people and much more .

After all it’s humans we deal with .

Every person a unique personality and having their own special contribution towards a task or a job being kind gives you that strong bond and trust with your employees which will make them standby you when the going gets tough

It’s your chance to be their super hero
Truly I have seen the rewards of this
With 3 decades of professional relationship
Those who stand by me even today are precious
In the world where companies are laying off employees
That extra touch of kindness is will go a long way in nurturing the best relationships for your business

That extra credit that you get for your purchases ,that extra good quality and better service that you earn

Just because you used kindness

Next time someone is mean to you show them what kindness can do
Understanding humans is magical

It works wonders in professional as well as personal life

I admire Ratan Tata for the man he is and kindness has been his visible trait

So who is your role model ??
Do you want to build the foundation of an empire that gives you name fame and recognition that lasts many lifetimes

Than practice humane qualities , be ready to let go of few ounces of your profit towards kindness

Coaching has given all of my clients leverage it their growth

It’s not what you know that matters it’s how you apply what you know for a bigger and better outcome

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