Monday, 24 August 2020

What kind of entrepreneur are you ?


What kind of entrepreneur are you ?
Do you love fast growth and quick results ! Who does not ๐Ÿ˜€

Or are you chilled out and cool about putting in hours of work so that you reap bigger profits and sustain for a longer time - some of us have the patience ๐Ÿ˜€

Farmer or hunter !!!

Well I work with many women entrepreneurs and they all want to be like -rabbits fast and rewarded asap .

Ready to run the race at the shoot of a bullet almost as if they have been chained for long and now are free to run towards their dreams . Excited , eager, restless and at times reckless and easy prey to fast track results .

So every result is needed quicker they at times are so desperate to make profits that they overlook the foundation of their business .

You got me right the vision is big the mission is strong however the person ego is going to execute the entire plan is they themselves !! Fall short in know how and bigger picture

While they look forward to conquering the world
80 percent of them have not conquered their inner demons . The inner work is almost always ignored
And they lack TAKING CHARGE

They have seen a quick taste of success and good profits and when it’s few months or weeks or at times few years LATER

They start pulling out their own hair out of frustration , lack of energy and of course stuck in the rut
Burnt out is the fad word
No matter how smart you are and how great your product is !!!
When you stop loving your work and stop growing
The red zone - danger zone lights up and you are in hot waters
Either you move up or you get burnt down

Why does it have to be so extreme ??

On the contra I see well to do women entrepreneurs who are in no hurry to make that extra profit

They want to soak into detail , build a strong brand and invest deeply into creating a long lasting business which will go on or most cases need to be carried on as a second generation entrepreneur who takes over a legacy .

Either way they resemble the tortoise who take his own time to cross the victory line
Slow and steady
Nothing wrong in being a particular type

However time is money and nothing can buy you time except the art of leveraging what you know or have .

Meeta wanted quick results
She calls me and says
Mam. I want a coach who will give me results quick and fast
I have tried too hard and done good for myself
Now I want to go to the next level
Crack more deals and have a bigger reach ., build name and fame

That’s it
I don’t understand things like self help or working on self

I cannot pay money for all this

I can pay money to get more profits
Can you assure me that you will be my business coach and help me do so

This always bring a huge smile to my face even if the person cannot see me

It’s like someone wanting to have ready made muscle without working out
Or maybe I can explain it better

You want to score 90 marks without studying a subject

Well I can help you score more with less efforts but how can you expect to score anything in that case that you don’t want to learn

So the session starts with some fun questions and some eye openers

When they solve their business wheel and see where they stand
A lot of them have a humbling experience

To boast about your success and to honesty evaluate every part of you work is another

Realization is crucial
Acceptance even more crucial
And looking at things the way they are /not more grim or not more brighter

This it self gives many women entrepreneurs a reality check

Making profit does not guarantee cash flow
Having the first 50 k or 5 Cr as profit does not give you allowance to book your next upgraded car
You got to earn it right or your balance sheet will trick you into debt , loans and many sleepless nights

Ask me I have been there and would not want any of my clients to go through that

It can be a tricky journey if you venture out with only one dominant trait

A combination and a tested formula of a go getter entrepreneur will help you be IN CHARGE

Take Charge 5x Formulas
Are backed by my 30 years of global entrepreneurship and 7 years of working towards helping
Women entrepreneurs become financially strong

Know your traits and master them

Growth guaranteed
Ans happiness in building a strong future is your bonus