Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Where does strength come from ?

Where does strength come from ?

How do you rate your self when it comes to being strong ?

The popular perception of strength is physical, visual and almost so many pictures come to your mind .

Superhero’s are the strongest and they have superpowers
I grew up idolizing them and watching movies where flying , moving mountains meant that you could do anything .

Strong people are physically well built and have a personality that is very muscular

The strength that I related to was so different from the actual meaning of strength .

In the world of transformation- STRENGTH has a new meaning and truly last couple of years I could see how to discover strength in every single individual
Be it a child
Be it a teen
Be it a youngster
Be it a middle aged person
Or a senior person

Notice how I have not mentioned a man or a woman
A physically healthy or a physically challenged person

I have seen real life hero’s and heart wrenching stories of unthinkable strength

I met this woman who looked like any other person
Little reserved and very quiet something about her eyes made me think ??

Is she holding back something , to my disbelief I saw her faint in one of the seminars and later pick up the mic and have the strength to narrate her story .

She was someone who had lost her entire family in a car accident and she had to go alone to the accident spot to identify her family members

I choked on my tears and was shocked to know what she had gone through , she had lived with that pain , not given up and continued to live - for me that was ultimate strength

When you have had a back breaking day working , travelling and reached your limit, the phone bell rings and your little one starts committing and you stay up whole night to supervise your baby - that for me is strength

When you gave it your best and yet you failed at something , be it relationship , business And you lost it all
Yet you stand up and start over again - that for me is strength .

So lot of my clients and my friends say this to me

Gem you are so strong !!!

How do we become strong , I cannot imagine it of what you did , must have been difficult

To which I used it think is that really that difficult ??

Strength came to me from TAKING CHARGE

Strength came to me from heightened emotions
Strength also can to me from fear !
Strength came to me when I knew my little ones were watching me and how I dealt with obstacles

Through learning and my own research I have helped many women show strength

How was it possible ?
Well when you discover that vulnerability is powerful and emotions can be empowering
True strength comes from emotion .

Emotions can rule you or you could rule emotions

The real life stories of strength from ordinary people with extra ordinary mindsets , the way they handle their challenges and win over obstacles

That’s why a common man can Breakthrough a mountain and a mother can single handedly lift. Car to save her child

When you decide to Take charge of your emotions you are developing one of the most important trait of strength

Empowering emotions are worth billions

Single mothers do extremely well in their pursuits because they build strength through their dreams for their children’
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