Friday, 1 January 2021

When the going gets tough the tough starts going!!!


When the going gets tough the tough starts going!!!

The year 2020 started with a bang. as always there were new year bashes and new year resolutions. A lot of us had made our plans. This is what I’m going to achieve in January and this what I’m going to achieve in February and so on and so forth. So, from the beginning to the end of 2020 there was a whole new shift across the globe and I may say even in the universe. There were less carbon emissions there was more eco-friendly activities and the universe had the time to heal. However, as human beings we were given an opportunity either to give up or take up a challenge. A lot of us started believing that this is just for a few weeks or for a few months and this will not last long and everything is going to be okay…...,

everything is going to be okay…,

but everything was not okay. It took a lot of grit and courage for people to accept that it is not okay, the world is not okay, the environment is not okay and this virus is here to stay. How much ever we detest what happen to us we have to accept it. So those who resisted the change found it really really difficult to cop up. Those who were quick to accept the situation the way it was and move on started growing. So, lot of people decided to blame the circumstances and in fact even I have gone through a blame game for a couple of weeks and this resulted in a lot of anxiety it resulted in lot of uncertainty and it gave each human being so much of stress that some of them crumbled.

 Yes, I found a bunch of people who were still driven who were still interested and who were still wanting to succeed in spite of all this challenges. Isn’t it the real picture as how life is and how life unfolds? We do not know what the future holds but we know that he holds the future! This is something I read outside the church many years back and I was smiling that was a time when I was an entrepreneur and I had just started my business. I used to have anxiety about will my business grow? Will I make profit? Will I not make profit? Will I be able to make it? Should I do it or shouldn’t I do it? these are the kind of thoughts that use to cross my mind and I didn’t have anyone to guide me other than my past experiences and what I could read and understand from the internet. So, while I was in that situation, I learned to trust myself, I learned to trust my abilities, I learned to trust my instincts and this gave me an insight into what I can do. My believes were stronger than ever.

 So, 2020 started and I planned to do seminars, I planned to do keynotes I planned to make lots of money, I planned to explore the world, I had a vacation planned in my mind where I was going to travel with my children and so on and so forth. There came in march and even in march I was clue less what was in store, while we worked together to build seminars and do some amazing work in our field of transformation and by end of march there was lockdown. It looked temporary and it looked not very grave at that particular moment we were all shut in our houses and it looked temporary and it was also exciting because we had all the time in the world not to go out stay at home family members with me and just go online and do your work. So, there was no travelling there was no stress of reaching some place on time, we hardly put on makeup and we have rarely dressed up, that saved a lot of time and energy. Slowly slowly things started unveiling and the realization struck that this is there for longer time. I had choice to be frustrated, angry, upset which I did become at times because sooner or later the lockdown would catch on me, I would want to go out I would want to meet friends I would just want to sit down and have intellectual conversation with my colleagues which was possible online but it didn’t feel as good as 121, and that started putting in the frustration. Then came a moment where I have to decide Gemini are you going to take charge of the situation or is the situation going to take charge of you? And obviously from so much of mental wiring that has been going on with me from last 7 years I decided to take charge. So, I put on a brave face in spite of feeling unhappy, irritated and frustrated I put on the brave face and I started my plan to take charge. So, in the new normal, yes, the new normal I call it because we all go back to our normal situations how much ever we are drifting away from our core, we go back to our core habits and our behaviors. So, I planned how I’m going to shift everything online, yes while I plan for my business to completely shift on online platform, online base I have to work with all my clients as well to bring them to a situation where they accepted the situation and they took charge. So, as a team of people who have taken charge in their lives and team of entrepreneurs who wanted to grow in spite of the pandemic, we started looking at the options of growth and started applying the strategies. The moment the strategies started working everybody started feeling good they saw hope and then came back the drive to succeed. So, in spite of the pandemic, we took charge. There are many things we found it difficult to take charge, however the moto was same,




Why take charge you may ask, yes take charge is taking responsibilities accepting the situation the way it is and moving on to make the most and best version of that particular situation. So, my clients went online and so did I and the world was at our finger tips. We knew that the world was at our finger tips ever since the internet was there, but we did not explore the possibilities to the extent that we did now. The more difficult the situation stronger you emerge. So, 2020 showed us that how the tough situations help tough people succeed on a bigger scale. When I say tough, I don’t mean in terms of physique or anything else. when I say tough, I speak about mental toughness. The people who are mentally tough did go through the pandemic much better than the people who did not work on themselves. So, taking charge is all about building a belief system that is so stronger that will drive you towards excellence, towards success, towards victory, towards happiness. So, a lot of us grew financially, a lot of us grew emotionally, and a lot of us were happy. So, you have two choices in life, either blame the situation or make the best use of the situation you are in. This is not any rocket science that I am sharing with you today, but I am telling you that 2021 is not going to be any different from 2020. Yes, even when the pandemic comes under control the impact that 2020 has left on your mind will still be there. Every time you go into a public place the thought of being infected will pass your mind. Now it’s your choice to be fearful or look at the situation as is which could mean an opportunity an experience or showing path to others who follow you.

So, TAKE CHARGE of your life whether its 2020 or 2021

Wishing you all a happy 2021.


Gemini Dhar

Take Charge Expert and Author